NOTE: Smartflix does not seem to work anymore, you can at least read the message below on the website.

Following the very recent, extremely aggressive and targeted VPN/ proxy crackdown by Netflix, we do not feel confident we can provide the same quality of service we used to provide to our users. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. —The entire Smartflix Team

Smartflix alternative

In addition to being in the area, of course, there are two ways to access the content Netflix in other countries: Smart DNS og VPN.

In short, the difference is that one VPN connection is encrypted and anonymous, which Smart DNS is not. In return, can Smart DNS is used on several types of devices such as Smart TV, Apple TV, consoles, etc., which cannot be used VPN.

In principle, anyone can VPN- or Smart DNS service is used, but we have chosen to emphasize respectively. ExpressVPN (VPN + SmartDNS) Unlocator (Smart DNS) and NordVPN (VPN), as they are distinguished in their own way.


VPN + Smart DNS

Smart DNS


Encryption and anonymity
PC, tablet and smartphone
Smart TV
Apple TV
Playstation and Xbox
trial Period

30 dages

full return

7 dages

free trial

30 dages

full return

Price (from)

Kr. 42/ md

($ 6.67)

Kr. 26/ md

($ 4.17)

Kr. 19/ md

(€ 2.62)

More info

You can read more here: How to access Netflix United States.

Smartflix - That's how it worked

Smartflix is a browser-based service designed to provide access to ALL region-limited content Netflix. In other words, this means that you bring along Smartflix can see all the movies and series available on Netflix, no matter where in the world you are.

Smartflix using VPN to bypass regional limitation, but since it is integrated into the service, it is not something that the user must decide on. You just have to choose the movie or series Netflixthat one wants to see and then manages Smartflix'automatic VPN rest.

Smartflix provided access to ALL material on Netflix.

The advantage of using Netflix together with Smartflix is the ease of use and access to all region-limited content from all areas at the same time. Uses man Smart DNS or a regular VPN service, you must manually select which region you want to access.

Smartflix is a payment service that you must have a subscription to use. In order to use the service, it is also required that you have a subscription to Netflix.

Bypass Netflix'regional restriction is legal, but contrary to Netflix'terms of use. It can ultimately mean that one can get his Netflixaccount blocked, but examples have not yet been seen. However, there are several examples of that Netflix has blocked access via VPN og Smart DNS from several providers. The use of these services is at your own risk and there is no guarantee that they will work.

smartflix netflix
Smartflix uses an integrated and automatic VPN to access all region protected content Netflix. As can be seen, looks like Smartflix confused Netflix.

Frequently asked questions about Smartflix

Is it safe to log in to Netflix inside the app?

Yes, yours Netflix login information is only stored on your computer and will never be sent to Smartflix'servers. They are automatically deleted when you log out again or if you delete the app.

How many units can I use Smartflix on?

This Smartflixsubscription is associated with yours Netflix account. That means you can use Smartflix on as many units as you like, but based on yours Netflix subscription, it will be limited how many devices you can play at the same time.

Can I get a refund?

Cf. the terms of use offer Smartflix Unfortunately, monthly subscriptions are not refundable. However, it is possible to get a yearly subscription refunded within the first 30 days of the subscription.

Kan Smartflix used with Chromecast?

No, Chromecast uses Google's own DNS, which prevents region-bypass circumvention.

available Smartflix for iPhone, Android, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, etc.?

No, so far exist Smartflix only for Windows and Mac OS X.

What is the best quality I can see with Smartflix?

Currently has Smartflix same quality limitation as Google Chrome and Firefox, ie max. 720p. This limitation lies with Netflix.

Kan Netflix block my account due to Smartflix?

In principle, they can Netflix'terms of use, but examples have not yet been seen.

How much cost Smartflix?

Smartflix can be tested for free for 7 days, after which it costs $ 3,99 per month. Payable with PayPal and all major credit cards.

Visit Smartflix here:

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