Smart DNS is a technical “trick” that tricks websites into believing that the user is somewhere other than he or she really is. It can be used to access systems and services from physical locations that are blocked by normal access.

Smart DNS can e.g. used to access DR and TV2 from abroad, to American Netflix, HBO etc. without being in the United States and English BBC without being in the UK.

It is not illegal to use Smart DNS and is an excellent alternative to VPNif you can do without encryption and just want access to blocked streaming services and the like.

Unlocator is a great one smart DNS providers that support a sea of ​​streaming services, including American Netflix and HBO, British BBC and Danish and TV2. VPN Dealer ExpressVPN provides Smart DNS as part of their subscriptions.

Get some American Netflix with Smart DNS from Unblock-US, Unlocator and ExpressVPN
Get some American Netflix with Smart DNS from Unlocator og ExpressVPN.

How it works Smart DNS

DNS stands for "Domain Name System" and acts as a directory for websites. If you enter a URL into your browser, a search is made in a database, where it is linked to the IP address of the server where the website is physically located.

So the URL is just a nice and easy way to use URLs instead of unmanageable IPs that are neither remembered nor tell anything about the content of the site. DNS is used not only to display websites, but to direct all types of traffic on the web; including access to Netflix, HBO, BBC, DR, TV ”etc.

When the DNS lookup is made, the user's IP is also sent the other way, ie to the website, which i.a. reveals where in the world he or she is. This way, the providers of the site or service can sort through the users they allow access to, as well as control what they have access to.

Connects to Netflix from a Danish IP one can therefore be shown other content than if you are at an American address. It is also based on IP that streaming from from abroad is prevented and only British have access to the BBC.

Users do not have access to the site through the DNS. It only tells where the site physics is located so that the user has direct access from his device.

Normally, the DNS man is using is specified by the ISP and that is the few the few have tickled and are aware of. The slightly more hardcore (nerded?) May have replaced the default DNS servers with some from OpenDNS or Google in a hope of a slightly faster and more anonymous internet. However, they still work as common DNS, but may be a little faster and do not save the DNS's DNS storage.

With Smart DNS connects the user automatically to certain websites (e.g., US Netflix), via a proxy server.
With Smart DNS connects the user automatically to certain websites (e.g., US Netflix), via a proxy server.

The smart in Smart DNS lies in the fact that the DNS server distinguishes between the entries made and for some websites redirects the connection through a connection point: A proxy. If you use eg. Smart DNS and connects to American HBO or Netflix USA, register Smart DNS this and redirects the connection so that it passes through a proxy in the United States. Netflix therefore sees the user as American and shows content from American Netflix.

Only the traffic to selected sites is redirected so that all other Internet connections work normally. Smart DNS is truly smart!

Er Smart DNS illegal?

It is not illegal to use Smart DNS and in this article at regarding. access to American Netflix says lawyer specializing in IT, Martin von Haller Grønbæk, the following:

If you got access to a copy of a movie or series on Netflix Without paying, it would clearly be illegal. But that is not the case if Netflix streams the movie legally and you pay for Netflix, whether you use the Danish or American version. So I can't see why it should be illegal.

So it's not illegal, though Netflix are not happy about it so they have in some cases blocked for access from the proxy servers, which Smart DNS providers use. However, the problem is not greater than that the providers can simply change the IP address of the proxy servers and easily access again. Thus, an electronic version of the cat plays after the mouse, where Smart DNS The providers have the clear advantage.

It is unknown at the time of writing whether other places like,, BBC etc. use the same tactics and what the long-term prospects are, but it should immediately be easy for Smart DNS Providers keep their services running.

Smart DNS or VPN?

Whether to choose Smart DNS or VPN depends entirely on what to use it for. If you just want access to various blocked streaming services from abroad, then manage Smart DNS The task perfectly. However, one must be aware that it is only included VPNthat the connection is encrypted, so if one is looking for increased security, anonymity, etc., one should choose VPN.

Many types of VPN providers offer along with one VPN subscription and Smart DNS Service at no extra charge, so if you are in doubt, you can advantageously use both without it costing much extra.

Advantages of Smart DNS compared to VPN

  • faster: Because data should not be encrypted, which requires processing power and thus often is a bottleneck, the connection to the site is faster with Smart DNS compared to VPN. Often there is no reduction in speed at all, which can be the difference between whether it is possible to stream in 4K or "only" normal. HD.
  • easy: Do you want to use the web plainly (whatever it means) and just want American Netflix, HBO, British BBC or the like, should Smart DNS just activated and it does everything automatically, so you also have access to and other sites that require Danish IP address. You can get access to American Netflix by connecting to an American VPN server, but then the connection must be changed according to which sites you want to access.
  • Can be used on all devices: On devices like smart TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, etc., can not be installed VPN apps. On the other hand, you can use well smart DNS, which expands the possibilities for streaming etc.
An advantage of smart DNS is that it can be used on devices such as Apple TV, smart TV, consoles, etc., where can not be installed VPNapps.

Disadvantages of Smart DNS compared to VPN

  • Not anonymous: As the connection is only redirected and not encrypted, the user can be traced through his IP address, which remains unchanged. You should not use it Smart DNS for purposes where one wants to be anonymous and cannot be traced.
  • Not sure: As written, then use Smart DNS not encryption so your data can be intercepted by savvy. However, this does not apply if you are connected to a location that uses secure connection (HTTPS), which online banks, webshops and other sites that handle sensitive data often use (e.g.
  • Do not remove censorship: The unencrypted connection unfortunately does not prevent the blocking of websites, so if you are in China, Iran or the like and want to connect to the outside world, you get a bad disappointment if you use Smart DNS. In this case, one must have one VPN.

Smart DNS providers


Unlocator is a Danish company and offers access to over 200 access-restricted streaming services, which of course also counts Netflix USA. Like the competition, Unlocator costs $ 4,95 for a month and $ 49,95 for a year.

Unlocator has a free one-week trial period that can be used without providing credit card information and offers a money-back guarantee on all subscriptions for 14 days.


Some VPN providers offer as part of the subscription “free” Smart DNS. It is eg. case for subscriptions at ExpressVPN, who calls it MediaStreamer.

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