VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a method of ensuring an internet connection with advanced and virtually unbreakable encryption technology. A VPN connection makes it impossible for unauthorized users to register, retrieve and track data that the user exchanges over the Internet.

VPN works by creating an encrypted connection to a VPN server that acts as an intermediary to the Internet. In addition to securing the connection, the VPN server also acts as an anonymous proxy that hides the user's IP address. It provides both an artificial geographical location and protects privacy at the same time as the user can not be traced.

VPN is the easiest and most effective way to make the Internet secure, anonymous and free, and 100% is legitimate to use. Everything is done automatically with simple apps, which do not require any special knowledge or knowledge to use.

What is VPN Virtual Private Network VPNinfo.dk

VPN secures and anonymises data connections using an encrypted connection.

Why use a VPN connection?

The need for VPN is very individual, but with a good VPN connection, you get a safe, anonymous and free internet in an easy way. Whether you want access Netflix USA from Denmark, access to DR, TV2, etc. from abroad, want to surf without censorship, download anonymously or by principle just want to have the right to privacy when you are online, there are many good reasons to use a VPN connection.

Without VPN, an internet connection is basically "open" and in fact, it does not require the great expertise to monitor it and retrieve data that can contain personally sensitive information that can easily be misused. For example, be private content in emails and the like, passwords, credit card information. It effectively puts VPN on an end by encryption.

Many also use VPN to be anonymous, so their internet traffic can not be traced. This applies to both the websites you visit and what to download with, for example. P2P (BitTorrent, torrent and including Popcorn Time).

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What is VPN and how does it work?

With a VPN connection, the connection to the Internet is created through a virtual "tunnel" to a server in the VPN provider network, which is created by encrypting data with modern encryption technology. The encryption circumscribes data so that they are unreadable and useless to unauthorized users, making it impossible to snatch and track the data stream.

The technology behind VPN is extremely secure and is used inter alia. by the military and various national intelligence services to protect confidential information. Even with modern supercomputers, it will take many times the universe's lifetime to break common 256-bit VPN encryption, which in practice makes it unbreakable.

In addition to ensuring the Internet connection, VPN has a couple of major side benefits in that it also makes the connection anonymous and acts as a proxy that gives the user a virtual location the same as the VPN server that has established a secure connection.

A VPN connection is anonymous

Anonymization occurs when the user's IP address due to the VPN connection is hidden from the outside world. Without VPN, one's IP address is more or less publicly available and easy to track.

On a VPN connection, attempts to track the user will simply reveal the VPN server's IP address, which can never be linked to the person behind, if the VPN provider does not log user data, as the few do. If a VPN connection is used to surf, download, etc., it will not be possible to track the user who is consequently completely anonymous.

The VPN server acts as a proxy

In addition, the VPN server also acts as a proxy, which in short is a connection point somewhere between the user and the rest of the Internet. Just as you have the same IP address as the VPN server, it will also appear that you are in the same location as it.

What is vpn virtual private network proxy

In addition to ensuring the Internet connection, VPN also acts as an anonymous proxy that gives the user the same IP address and virtual location as the VPN server. For example, Used to download anonymously or to access geographic restricted sites.

It is used, for example. to access American Netflix from Denmark or the other way if you want to see content on DR.dk, but are abroad (DR.dk can only be used if you have a Danish IP address).

It can also be used to break censorship like that for example. seen in Iran and China, where the government has closed for free access to eg. Youtube, Facebook and Google. Here, a VPN can be used to bypass the block and provide access to the entire Internet.

For a more complete and not least technical explanation, you can see this HowStuffWorks article about VPN.

Reviews of VPN services

In fact, most VPN providers are really good, but there are a number of technical conditions and conditions that should be met, which should therefore be kept in mind before starting a particular VPN service. There are a lot of them to choose from, so there is absolutely no need to compromise on security or privacy, and there are excellent products in all pricing.

On this page, selected VPN providers are reviewed and reported on the basis of security, user privacy, the number of servers that can be connected to and where they are located, ease of use, functions, speed, etc. Below you can see a list of the top five VPN services and you can also find a complete overview all reviews of VPN services.

For a thorough explanation of what to keep an eye on, which are also the criteria for which the services are reported, please read Our article on how to choose a good VPN.

Top 5 VPN services

Price (from)

ExpressVPN review


Kr. 44 / md


NordVPN review


Kr. 26 / md


Windscribe VPN review


Kr. 24 / md


torguard vpn review


Kr. 27 / md


IPVanish vpn review


Kr. 32 / md

Get started with VPN

Although VPN technology is complex, it's easy to use regardless of whether you're using Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. All serious VPN providers offer tailor-made applications / apps to manage the VPN connection as well as simple but comprehensive Guides on how to get started.

Often you can choose to connect to the VPN network automatically at the computer / device boot, so you do not need to redial it every time you want to go online. To start using VPN, do the following:

  1. Select a VPN provider: Not all VPN providers are equally good, so it's no matter which one you choose. In order for you to be completely confident that your connection is both secure and anonymous, there are a number of conditions that the VPN service and service provider must meet. With over 300 different VPN providers worldwide, there's absolutely no need to compromise! You can get an in-depth explanation here: How to choose VPN, but they are in brief:
    Connect to the VPN network with a single click.

    It is easy to use VPN. Connect to the VPN network with a single click.

    • Safety: The ability to protect your data from being intercepted by unauthorized persons. It is done with efficient and secure encryption.
    • anonymity: The ability to protect your identity so that nothing can be traced back to you. Here is the main requirement that user data is not saved.
    • Features and servers: A good VPN can be used on all your devices, easy to use, have servers the places you need (like in Denmark) and is fast enough for you not to feel loss in speed.
  2. Install the VPN app: After you sign up for a VPN subscription, you will receive an email shortly with instructions on how to install the provider's VPN app on your device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
  3. Enable VPN connections: From here, there is only left to connect to the VPN service, which is done with a single click in the app.

Free VPN

Of course, there is no need to pay for anything you can get for free, but it costs money and resources to run a VPN network, so if you do not pay for a subscription, something goes wrong.

It may be as innocent as advertising, but the provider of the free VPN service can, for example, Also, sell sensitive information about your use of the web.

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Configuring VPN

Any serious VPN provider has good apps to handle configuration and daily use of the VPN connection. However, some may have special needs that require manual setting of VPN.

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Smart DNS

Smart DNS is not VPN, but it reminds you of several ways. It is used to access regionally protected sites and services such as Netflix USA, but can also be used for other purposes.

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Tor browser and Tor network

Tor browser and network are not VPN, but related to this. This may include used to access deep web, which is otherwise closed country.

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