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TorGuard is a great one VPNprovider with a medium-sized network that also houses Danish servers. The service is both secure and anonymous, with the latter being enforced consistently by not logging users' use of the network.

TorGuards Stealth VPN technology hides the use of encryption and can be used to circumvent blocking / censorship of VPNconnections using. Deep packet inspection. As an alternative to VPN a proxy service can be used instead that is not encrypted, but in return is both cheaper and faster and offers many of the same benefits as VPN.

TorGuard VPN costs from DKK 32 ($ 5) per month and a 7-day money back guarantee is provided.







Servers and features



  • Secure and anonymous
  • Strong network with Danish servers
  • Stealth VPN
  • Quick proxy service


  • Slightly confusing website and subscription structure


You can choose between the encryption protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, SSTP and iKEV2, so it does not lack options, but unless there is a special need, OpenVPNwhich is to be considered the safest protocol as it is developed as open source.

You can choose between respectively. 128 bit of 256 bit encryption, both of which are virtually unbreakable. Here, the 128 bit encryption is a little faster, as the lower level of encryption is less resource-intensive, making it attractive to gaming and other situations where speed and not least response times are important.

TorGuard offers besides VPN also an anonymous proxy service, which aims to anonymize the user and to provide access to area limited services such as DR from abroad, Netflix USA from Denmark etc. The proxy service does not use encryption, so the type of connection is not secured.

Security: 10 / 10


TorGuard operates under US law, which means that the company has no obligation to keep logs. Nor do they and have a strict “no logging policy”, where they do not store data of any kind that can be used to link the use of VPNservice with a single user.There are shared IP addresses that are simultaneously used by several users, which further helps to ensure that VPNconnection is anonymous.

In addition, built-in DNS leak protection prevents DNS lookups from leaking outside VPNconnection, which might otherwise reveal which sites the user is visiting. The protection is achieved by TorGuard operates with its own DNS servers, which as VPN- servers do not log data.

Anonymity: 10 / 10

Servers and features

TorGuard has one VPNmid-size network with over 3000 servers in more than 50 countries that are growing steadily. There are also servers in Denmark, which are located in Lyngby. The network is well distributed throughout the planet and can be connected to VPN-servers on all continents (except Antarctica), so most people's need for access points is covered.

There are quite a few servers per. location on the network, which in theory means fewer users per. server which should result in slightly better speed than its competitors.

torguard vpn review
TorGuard VPN The connection is easily created and managed with custom applications / apps for all types of devices.

TorGuard uses a technology they call “Stealth VPN”, Which hides that the user is using one VPN-connection. Internet service providers, firewalls, etc. can use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) wonder if used VPN, which may cause throttling (reduction of speed) on the connection or that it is completely disconnected. It is used in several countries such as China and the UAE (United Arab Emirates), which do not want citizens to circumvent the state's internet censorship with VPN, but it can be used with TorGuard.

There are apps for all popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, etc., all of which have the important killswitch function that completely shuts down the Internet connection if VPN- the connection is interrupted. This ensures anonymity and security also in the event of an outage in the service.

TorGuard can be used at up to 5 units with one subscription at the same time.

TorGuard anonymous proxy

As something special among VPNproviders offer TorGuard also an anonymous proxy service, which as VPN works by connecting to a server but not using encryption. Thus, the connection is as insecure as a regular open internet connection, but the same benefits are achieved in terms of anonymization and virtual location, providing access to site-limited sites and services.

Are you only interested in being able to use torrents anonymously or to access e.g. American Netflix, the proxy service can be a good alternative to VPNas it is both cheaper and faster. The higher speed, including lower response times, is due to the absence of encryption that is relatively resource-intensive and therefore the connection dulls a bit.

The proxy network is somewhat smaller than for VPN and counts only eight locations.

  • Canada, Holland, Iceland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden and the United States

Servers and Features: 9 / 10


TorGuard VPN costs from $ 32 ($ 5) per month for an annual subscription that costs $ 385 ($ 59.99). If paid for a single month at a time, the price is DKK 64 ($ 9,99). It can also be settled quarterly and semi-annually, which costs resp. 128 ($ 19.99) ogkr. 192 ($ 29.99).

TorGuard proxy costs $ 25 ($ 3.91) per month on an annual subscription to $ 301 ($ 46.95) and $ 38 ($ 5.95) for a single month. There can also be paid quarterly and half-yearly, which costs respectively. $ 96 ($ 14.95) and $ 192 ($ 29.95).

Over 80 different payment methods can be used, such as Visa, PayPal and Bitcoin. All products are sold with 7 days money back guarantee, where you can get the entire amount paid, refunded if you are unhappy with the product.

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