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VyprVPN from Golden Frog is a VPN provider in the super league with a fast network, 100% anonymity (no logs) and its own advanced encryption protocol.

Security is top notch and there is plenty of good encryption options to choose from, including the recommended OpenVPN. As something unique in the market offers VyprVPN its own modification of the OpenVPN, Chameleon, which may be of particular interest to users who would like anonymous access to blocking sites VPN.

Golden Frog also offers users (of certain subscriptions) increased security in the form of a firewall that prevents attacks by hackers and the like. In addition, there is a self-declared status as the market's fastest VPN, which, however, can neither be confirmed nor confirmed.

VyprVPN costs from $ 32 ($ 5.00) per month when paying for one year at a time, which costs $ 385 ($ 60.00). The service can be tried for free for three days.







Servers and features



  • Anonymous (no logs)
  • Chameleon protocol (cuts off VPN)
  • Danish servers
  • Free trial


  • A little expensive


VyprVPN offers encryption with the protocols OpenVPN (160 and 256 bit), PPTP (128 bit), L2TP / IPsec (256 bit) and Chameleon that is Golden Frogs own variant of the 256 bits OpenVPN.

The Chameleon protocol is created by modifying the OpenVPN, so that it can not be seen on the encrypted data that it is encrypted at all. It prevents systems that using. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) analyzes data, in blocking users using VPN.

Chameleon does not provide increased protection compared to using regular openVPN, but prevents blocking from sites and systems that block VPN traffic. It can e.g. be needed if you need access to or from sites in China and Iran where the state detects and blocks VPN compounds.

A NAT firewall is included in the subscription, which gives increased security when eg. open WiFi is used where there is often no firewall on.

Security: 10 / 10


VyprVPN from German Golden Frog has a problem regarding anonymity.

The Swiss are known for appreciating privacy and VyperVPN lives up to its reputation by not storing data about users' use of the service at all. This ensures that the company can not designate individual users of the service, which provides 100% anonymity as long as you are connected to a VyprVPN server.

The promise not to log is furthermore backed by one revision of VyprPN's system by an impartial third party who has confirmed the claim.

In addition, a number of tools are offered to prevent IP and DNS leaks, which helps to keep users' own IP addresses hidden. In fact, offers VyprVPN its own DNS service, which also does not log.

Anonymity: 10 / 10

Servers and features

VyprVPN has a server network with + 200.000 IP addresses on + 700 servers in over 70 countries, which is in the middle class. There are servers in the (for most) most important countries such as Denmark, the USA, the UK, Japan and Canada, where especially the presence in Denmark is a big plus for Danish users.

Chameleon that effectively conceals the use VPN, is a great feature that gives free access to websites and other online systems that block VPN traffic.

Golden Frog claims that because of the particularly efficient coding of servers and encryption, they have the world's fastest VPN network. A title like ExpressVPN however, also claims to be eligible. In practice, it is very difficult to test such a claim, as a number of factors play a role in relation to the speed of an Internet connection. It's the experience here VPN-info.dk, that most people VPN'only slightly reduces the download speed if a server that is physically nearby is selected.

User applications are available for all common (and several uncommon) devices

Servers and Features: 9 / 10


Two types of subscriptions can be purchased Golden Frog VyprVPN: Plain and premium. The difference lies in the number of simultaneous connections and additional functions. The regular subscription can be used up to three units at a time, with premium allowing use of five. In addition, the Chameleon protocol and CloudVPN only available with a premium subscription.

The regular subscription costs DKK 32 ($ 5.00) per month when paying for one year at a time, which costs DKK 385 ($ 60.00). For monthly payment, the price is DKK 64 ($ 9.95).

VyprVPN Premium costs DKK 43 ($ 6.67) per month when paying for one year at a time, which costs DKK 513 ($ 80.00). For monthly payment, the price is DKK 83 ($ 12.95).

Both subscriptions can be tested free for three days.

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