It is obvious to want to use VPN on your Apple TV so you can access Netflix USA or other regionally restricted steaming services. It could also be that you are in a place in the world where internet access is restricted or monitored.

But unfortunately it is not possible to install VPNapps on Apple TV and there is also no option for manual setup!

However, there is no need to despair, because with a few cunning tricks up your sleeve, it is actually relatively easy to practically use VPN on his Apple TV.

vpn apple tv
You can not install VPN apps on Apple TV, but with a few tricks it can still be done.

Use smart DNS on Apple TV

Smart DNS can be considered as a "smart" proxy that directs some of your internet connection (DNS lookup) through a server that may be abroad. It makes it appear as if you are in another country, which can provide access to various restricted sites, etc.

In contrast to VPN, demands smart DNS not apps or the like, but can be co-configured on most devices - including Apple TV. Since only a fraction of Internet traffic is routed through a proxy, the speed loss is minimal, which makes smart DNS particularly suitable for streaming

Compared with VPN the disadvantages are that the connection is not encrypted and that your IP address is not hidden. But if you just want to stream, it probably does not matter to you.

The setup can also be a bit technical, as no apps are used, but most people should be able to figure it out and smart DNS the services have lots of fine guides to back them up.

On the other hand, the setup only needs to be done once, unless you want to change something and e.g. see content from one's "own" Netflix.

Unlocator is a dedicated smart DNS services and then it is also included in the subscription at VPNservice ExpressVPN under the name MediaStreamer.

Connect Apple TV to one VPN router

An opportunity to use VPN on apple TV is using a VPN-router, which is basically just a router with a built-in VPN-client. The smart thing about that solution is that all devices connected to the router are automatically protected by VPNconnection.

That way it is possible to use VPN (and including using a foreign IP address) on Apple TV by connecting it to the Internet through VPNrouters.

vilfo vpn router
With a VPN router, all devices on the network are protected by the router VPN-connection. The graphics are off

However, it is far from all routers that have the resources to "pull" one VPNclient and the setup will be quite advanced for many. In fact, you will usually have to invest in a suitable router yourself, as the internet provider makes available as a rule does not have a built-in VPN-client.

If you are thinking of acquiring one VPN-router, is Vilfo a golden opportunity. It probably could not be made simpler to configure it and it works with practically everyone VPNservices. has a partnership with Vilfo and receives a small commission if you end up buying a router via a link on this page. It does not make the router more expensive and it IS good - otherwise I would not advertise it.

With this method, all data traffic is routed through one VPNserver that can act as a bottleneck and significantly slow down the download speed. It's not sure it's problematic, but it may turn out to be, as streaming in 4K requires relatively high internet speeds.

Connect Apple TV to a virtual hotspot

Another method to get VPN on Apple TV is connecting to a virtual hotspot. It can e.g. be a smartphone or a PC with an asset VPNconnection connected to the network.

When the connection to VPNthe server is set up on the device, the Internet connection is shared with the Apple TV, which also protects its Internet connection by VPN.

If the internet connection is shared via wifi, the device cannot be online with wifi at the same time. If you use a PC for the trick, it must be online with a wired connection or it must be connected to Apple TV with a cable.

If you use your smartphone as a hotspot, you must be aware that you use data on your mobile subscription and that HD streaming uses REALLY much data.

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