Hola VPN review

Hola is one free VPN service that virtually does not protect the anonymity of users. By contrast, a number of serious security issues are built into the software and the network. It is therefore in no way recommended to use Holas VPN. 

Most people are primarily interested in Hola because it does not cost money. If so, take a closer look at the article about free VPN, where you will find a number of safe alternatives

How it works Hola

Hola does not work like most others VPN providers of a network VPN servers available to users through one VPN client. In a usual way VPN network is the provider's VPN servers that provide data encryption. From the outside, the user therefore also has the connected one VPN server's IP address rather than its own. It is in the encryption and the hidden true IP that respectively. The security and anonymity of the user lies. 

Hola is built as a peer-2-peer (P2P) network without its own infrastructure (servers). Instead, it is the users themselves who make their own devices available for others to use as VPN servers.

hola vpn review
Hola is a very popular and free P2P VPN Service, however, so crammed with safety pitfalls that you should steer far beyond it.

The enormous popularity of the service (the company itself claims that there are 43 million users) is found first and foremost in the fact that the service is free and then it is also very easy to use. It makes many people forget to ask themselves, how does the company then make money for its employees?

I HolaIn this case, it is especially healthy to be skeptical, as the money is not just raised by showing a little advertising, which is a business model others free of charge VPNservices user. But where does the revenue come from?

First, there is Hola Premium, where you can drop $ 5 a month to join the P2P network. In this way, you avoid having to use your IP address for illegal downloads, etc. At that price, however, many are much better VPNservices that you should consider instead.

Luminati: Here sells Hola access to your devices

Second, selling Hola access to users' devices via the service Luminati. It simply works by providing access to Holas users through Luminati, can perform actions from their devices. A bit like some kind of malware or virus.

With Luminati, anyone can buy access to the user network and in principle use what they want. It is has been used at least once for a so-called botnetwhere the page 8chan was the goal of one DDOS attack by Holas network.

Hola! VPN









Hola does not encrypt

An essential part of VPN is that data is encrypted. This makes the connection "unreadable" to others, providing both security and anonymity. IN Holas FAQ you can read the following:

Depending on the proxy rule you choose, Hola will also encrypt some or all of your traffic, making you even more secure from outside sniffing.

So they claim to encrypt some or all of your data traffic. The entire website no longer says how it works.

Any serious VPN provider tells in detail about how they encrypt data and always encrypt it all. It is a crucial and essential part of security VPN.

Hola can run programs and / or code

When installing Hola allow you at the same time The application or app can run pieces of code or actual programs on your device without you being aware of or approving it. This means that a person can in principle remotely control your device Hola and by and large perform the same actions as you.

It doesn't take much imagination to imagine how it can be abused eg. for hacker attacks (which, as previously described, has already occurred). Here it will be Holathe user who appears as the attacker.

It can also be used to install a program on the user's device that can eavesdrop on passwords, credit card codes, etc. Such functionality is not a bug, but is deliberately built into Hola.

Both of the above are serious problems with regard to the security associated with using the service. Where a good one VPN increases user safety, so worsens Hola it considerably.

Security: 1 / 10


With Hola you can be tracked

Here is the big problem almost built into the way Hola works on. The software does not encrypt data, but actually just guides it through a number of the other users, making it difficult to follow the trail back to you, but not impossible. With a real VPN, it is completely impossible to follow the track.

With Hola You can blame others for their behavior

HolaAnother problem with protecting anonymity is that users use each other's devices to connect to the Internet. This is because it makes the last person in the chain appear as the person who does what other users are actually doing.

If you use Hola You may therefore end up being arrested or fined for illegal downloads or other criminal activity such as another holauser has made. Select Hola Premium for $ 5 a month, you don't have to be someone else's link to the network, but it only removes a minor part of the problem by using the service.

As is the case with security, in practice you are better off NOT using it Holaif you want to protect your privacy and get rid of being accused of various online illegal activities. If one is real VPN used, none of the parts will be able to take place, as a good one VPN gives total online anonymity.

Anonymity: 1 / 10

Servers and features

Here one must be fair and give Hola credit for having a gigantic server network. According to their own statements, they have over 40 million users. Therefore, it should actually always be possible to find an unblocked IP address for Netflix US or similar.

However, as it is well known, these servers are made up of other users and are therefore not dedicated servers. This is reflected in the often low speeds of surfing, streaming and downloads.

Servers and Features: 3 / 10


On the price is Hola top notch, as the service is free. The price is hard to compete with, but also clearly shows that what the provider does not earn on subscriptions must be obtained on other fronts. There is of course also Hola Premium, where you pay from being part of the P2P network. However, for $ 5 a month, many better alternatives exist.

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