Opera VPN - Free but not a real one VPN

Usually you have to pay for it if you want quality and VPN is no exception. Free VPNservices are typically either very limited, uncertain, slow or full of advertisements. Opera VPN is not an exception - it is actually not one at all VPN!

opera vpn browser
Opera VPN is not a real one VPNbut only a proxy service that does not encrypt the connection.

How real VPN encrypts internet traffic between user and server, so is Opera VPN in fact, just a proxy. This means that the Internet connection is routed through a proxy server that does not encrypt data. Proxy servers, therefore, do not protect against hacking or monitoring as the ISP can detect what is being done on the web.

However, a proxy may well be used to access regionally restricted material or sites, and it provides some security against detection as a proxy hides your real IP address for the sites and services on the web you use.

However, one should not expect to be able to use Opera to see Netflix United States or similar, because here it is blocked.

Free alternatives to Opera

If you are interested in Opera VPN because it costs nothing, you can read the article about it free VPN. That is actually possible VPN free, but one should not expect a product at the level of one VPN, one pays for. Below is an overview of real VPNservices that can be used free of charge.

Here should ProtonVPN highlighted as they, besides 7 days free trial on a payment subscription as the only one VPNprovider offers a free version with no time or data restrictions. However, it is limited to servers in 3 countries and P2P is blocked.


  • 7 day free trial with full functionality
  • There shall not credit card information is provided
  • After the trial period, you switch to a free subscription:
    • No time or data restrictions
    • Servers in 3 countries
    • P2P / torrents are blocked
  • ProtonVPN review: 9,7/10

f-secure freedome

  • 30 day free trial with full functionality
  • There shall not credit card information is provided
  • F-Secure Freedome review: 9,3/10

hotspot shield elite

  • 7 free trial with full functionality
  • The makes credit card information is provided
  • After 7 days, you automatically switch to a payment subscription if you do not cancel before
  • Hotspot Shield review: 6,7/10


  • 24 hour free trial with full functionality
  • There shall not credit card information is provided
  • CyberGhost review: 8,7/10


  • 10 GB of free data per month
  • Servers in 10 countries
  • P2P / torrents are blocked
  • Windscribe review: 9,8/10


  • 500 MB of free data per month
  • Same features as a payment subscription
  • Get an additional 1000 MB of free data to tweet
  • Tunnelbear review: 9,3/10

Opera VPN Features

as Opera VPN on PC can only be used via Opera Browser, there are some limitations in use compared to a real one VPN. The range of countries you can connect to servers in is quite small. Thus, servers are only available in five countries: Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany and the United States.

In addition, P2P is blocked, so Opera VPN cannot be used to download torrents.

Opera VPN on PC: Opera Browser

On PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) can Opera VPN only used through the internet browser "Opera Browser ”, which is Operas counterpart to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc. It is therefore not possible to encrypt the entire Internet connection on your computer Opera VPN.

One is thus limited to using VPN on sites accessed through an Internet browser. It limits the usage considerably, but it works great for accessing blocked sites, etc.

You can pick up Opera browser for PC here: Opera Browser

Opera VPN on Android

On Android smartphones and tablets are used Opera VPN a dedicated app. Unlike on PC, where Opera VPN only works in the browser, the app affects the entire device's Internet connection. Therefore, you do not have to change your browser and can in principle use the proxy connection with all apps.

You can pick up Opera VPN for Android here. Unfortunately, the app is no longer available for iOS.

How can Opera VPN be free?

Opera are very open about not offering a free service of pure goodness but making money from it. There is nothing wrong with this and the way they do it is immediately completely problematic for users. Opera makes a living by selling advertising space as well as information, and this is also where the money is to be earned Opera VPN.

On PC, the use of Opera VPN limited to use of Opera Browser. They have done this to make the browser more attractive and it has worked, for only a week after launch had Opera had over two million new downloads. By getting more to use their browser, they may display similar more ads.

On mobile devices, both advertisements can be displayed - it does Opera however, no use yet - and then it is also registered which websites are visited, what is searched for, etc. The information sells Opera further, but in an anonymised form, so that nothing can be traced to a single user.

If you want to switch (allegedly) anonymous information about your use of the web for a free proxy service, you must deal with yourself. In a narrow turn, it is immediately unproblematic.

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