Vilfo is a router that is purposefully developed and designed to be used with VPN. You do not have to bother installing software yourself and it is fantastically easy to configure.

Therefore, it is obvious for users who want one VPN-router, but do not bother to install and configure. has tested the Vilfo router, and you can read about it in this article advantage og disadvantages and see how easy it is to configure.

The router can be purchased directly at and costs approx. DKK 3000 ($ 499) incl. VAT and shipping.

The router can be purchased directly at and costs $ 399 including shipping (excluding VAT).

vilfo router
Vilfo is a router that is purposefully developed and designed to be used with VPN. You do not have to bother installing software yourself and it is fantastically easy to configure.

This article was created based on a request from Vilfo, who asked about was interested in trying and reviewing the router. If you follow a link to Vilfo and buy a router, you earn a small amount.

However, it does not make the product more expensive and it has not affected the review in the slightest. Vilfo is an excellent and complete product that deserves recognition.

What is a VPN-router?

En VPN-router is a router connected to a VPNserver. This protects data from all devices connected to the router VPN.

It is an easy and smart way to automatically protect all devices on the home network and also makes it possible to use VPN on devices where it may or may not be possible.

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vilfo vpn router
En VPN-router is an easy way to secure all devices on the home network VPN.

Advantages of Vilfo compared to others VPNrouters

The biggest advantage of Vilfo is that it is so incredibly easy to deal with compared to others VPNrouters. For that reason alone, Vilfo is worth considering if you want to protect your home network and its devices with VPN.

Pre-configured for 25 VPNservices

Usually the configuration of VPN-router a slightly cumbersome affair where you first have to download a configuration file VPNthe provider's website to be subsequently transferred to the router. The configuration file can only be used to connect to one VPNserver, so the process must be repeated depending on which servers you want to be able to connect to.

The configuration is streamlined with Vilfo, which is pre-configured for 25 of the largest and most popular VPNproviders. You therefore do not have to manually download and transfer configuration files, but can simply enter your login VPNservice into Vilfo's menu. Then you can - still in Vilfos menu - select the servers you want to connect to, and then the configuration is downloaded automatically.

Vilfo is not pre-configured for everyone VPNservices, but among the 25 that are, one finds well-known providers such as ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, Private Internet Access, ProtonVPN, PureVPN, Windscribe, et al.

Vilfo himself writes on the website that work is constantly being done to add more providers to the list. You can see screenshots from the configuration further down in the article.

vilfo vpn providers

Easy administration

Another bright spot at Vilfo is that it is easy to manage VPNconnection via the user menu. Here you can e.g. easily beat VPNthe connection to and from for the entire network or for individual devices only. It is also possible to beat VPN from for selected websites.

This is convenient if one needs to visit a website that does not allow connection via VPN. This can be done, for example. often encounter if using online banking, where VPN is prohibited to avoid fraud.

One can in principle do the above with an ordinary VPN-router, but it is more cumbersome and then it requires quite a lot of technical knowledge.

Disadvantages / shortcomings of Vilfo

No roses without thorns and unfortunately Vilfo is not the perfect one VPN-router.

Missing an app to facilitate management

Vilfo is managed like most other routers via a user interface that opens in a browser. It's a shame, because it's detrimental to usability.

It would be obvious that the administration could also be done with an app for smartphones and tablets, which would make it somewhat easier and more elegant to change server, turn on VPN from or something third.

Slightly slow (with 256 bit encryption and OpenVPN at least)

Vilfo promises speeds of up to 500 Mbit / s, but we could not push it up in our test. Connected to one VPNserver close to (in Denmark) the download speed crept up to almost 90 Mbit / s.

When connected to the same VPNserver without Vilfo, but with a client on a PC, the speed came up to 300 Mbit / s, which is the standard. Although 90 Mbit / s is enough to stream 4k / UHD, it means that the router can become a bottleneck on the network.

Vilfo do not lie when they promise speeds up to 500 Mbit / s, but it depends to a large extent on the strength of the encryption and the encryption protocol. Routers - including Vilfo - often use OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption keys, and it is a demanding combination that challenges relatively low-resource devices such as routers.

One can hope that in the future Vilfo will also make it possible to use the relatively new encryption protocol WireGuard. It is somewhat less resource-intensive than OpenVPN and it will almost certainly result in significantly higher download speeds.

Configuration of Vilfo

The easy setup of the Vilfo router is clearly its biggest advantage. Below are all the steps in the configuration that are performed the first time you use it.

Step 1: WiFi settings

Here, WiFi is configured by choosing a name for the wireless network, password, channel, etc. Of course, it can also be turned off completely if you do not want to use WiFi.

Step 2: License key

Here you must enter your email and a license key, which is written on a piece of paper that comes with the router. They should only be used in case you forget your login to the router and want to reset it.

Step 3: Admin account

Here you create an admin account for the router, so you do not use the default setting in the future.

Step 4: VPN-udbyder

In this step, one chooses his VPNprovider and this is where you get really happy to have chosen Vilfo. You enter your login for the selected one VPNservice used to configure automatically VPNconnection on the router.

Instead of having to enter VPNprovider's website and download a configuration file and then transfer it to the router, the setting is cleared with a few clicks.

During the initial setup, you choose a server location, but it can later be easily changed directly in the router's user interface. With others VPNrouters you typically have to download and transfer a configuration file for each of the server locations you want available, but you do not have to do that with Vilfo.

Step 5: Finished and connected to VPN

After selection of VPNprovider, entering the login and choosing the server, you have finished the setup! It can hardly be easier.


Vilfo is definitely an approved one VPN-router that is distinguished by being wonderfully easy to configure and manage. It is not perfect, but the relatively small flaws / shortcomings we think are overshadowed by the ease of use.

Vilfo is an obvious choice for the group of VPNusers who may or may not bother with configuration files, router administration, etc.

The router can be purchased directly at and costs approx. DKK 3000 ($ 499) incl. VAT and shipping.

The router can be purchased directly at and costs $ 399 including shipping (excluding VAT).

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