HideMyAss (Hide My Ass) review

HideMyAss or Hide My Ass (HMA) is one of the world's most popular VPN providers and that is with some justification due to the huge server network.

However, it is not without reservations that one should consider using this one VPN service. The reason for this lies in the fact that HMA, as a UK based company, is obliged to log the date of its users' online movement, which gives very little protection to the user's anonymity.

Et HideMyAss VPN subscription costs from $ 10 ($ 32) a month when purchasing 4.99 months to a total of $ 10 ($ X). There are XNUM days full return policy.







Servers and features



  • Large network
  • Servers in Denmark
  • 30 days full return


  • Not anonymous!
  • Not suitable for P2P

The reason for HideMyAss is so popular one VPN provider is very likely to be good at marketing, and they can rightly boast of having the world's largest network of VPN servers in no less than 190 countries.

They have created a name for themselves among VPN providers and many have somehow come across their name and the spy-dressed donkey that is their mascot, somewhere on the net. They advertise aggressively and therefore often appear on banners and the like if you visit websites that are in one way or another related to internet security. The web is also full of praise Hide My Ass'services, i.a. they get the blue stamp of the British newspaper The Guardian.

If you are looking for 100% anonymity, it is therefore not recommended to use it HideMyAss that VPN provider, here you can consider services such as IPVanish or ExpressVPNwhich are both completely anonymous and otherwise offer a product similar HideMyAss'with high speed and many servers.


HideMyAss offers encryption using the Open protocolsVPN, PPTP and L2TP, all considered secure but with OpenVPN as the preferred one as it is developed as open source and therefore as the only one is not suspected of being compromised by the NSA. Thus, the encryption and thus the security fails nothing.

Security: 10 / 10


If you've read the article on how to find it best VPNThen you will see that one of the key conditions for a safe VPN is that the provider does not log user data. HideMyAss is based in the UK and is therefore subject to statutory requirements to log users' movement online.

HideMyAss (Hide My Ass) logs user data

The front page claims HideMyAssthat you can use them online anonymously and securely, but look closely at them terms of use find the following:

When you use our VPN service the only data we collect is as follows:

  • a time stamp when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service;
  • de hoeveelheid data verzonden (upload en download) tijdens uw sessie;
  • the IP address used by you to connect to our VPN, And
  • the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you.

This means for the user that the person's data is admittedly encrypted and therefore cannot be immediately intercepted by hackers, but also that it by a cross-reference with e.g. a log off BitTorrent downloads or the like is very easy to designate the user based on the stored data. Do you use VPN from HideMyAss your data is encrypted, but you are not anonymous. For some, this may seem just as much, but with all the good and safe VPN providers on the market that offer complete anonymity without logging, one might as well choose one of these.

HideMyAss, LulzSec and Snowden

hidemyass hide my ass vpn review edward snowden lulzsec
HideMyAss (Hide My Ass) has quite ironic and tastelessly used Edward Snowden's name for marketing purposes. Note the username in VPN client.

In 2011 became a member of the hacker / activist group LulzSec, who has allegedly been behind attacks on Sony, AT&T, Viacom, Disney, EMI, NBC Universal, AOL, NATO and others, arrested by the FBI. He, an American named Cody Kretsinger, along with other members of LulzSec had boasted about his accomplishments in an online chat forum and had told that they had used HideMyAss to hide behind. It triggered a claim from the British courts HideMyAss about handing out data logs and then it was easy to match the hacker with the nickname recursion with Cody Kretsinger, who could subsequently be arrested for having broken into Sony's databases, which was later sentenced to a year's imprisonment, 1000 hours community service and a fine of $ 600.000, - to participate in.

One might think what one wants, if hackers like those from LulzSec and the above should not be read as a praise of their illegal activities, but as an example from real life on how data logging from a VPN provider can be used to designate the individual user.

Within the same category has HideMyAss used Edward Snowden, known to leak information on NSA's comprehensive mass monitoring program to the public, in its marketing. It is both ironic and distasteful when now his identity would not be protected at all, he had made use of HideMyAss that VPN.

Anonymity: 0 / 10

Servers and features

HideMyAss has the world's largest network of over 850 VPN servers in more than 290 locations in over 190 countries, including Denmark, where all 4 servers are physically located in Copenhagen. With HideMyAss that VPN Thus, there is almost always a server nearby or in the country you want.

HMA client software is quite user friendly and includes a built-in killswitchthat automatically disconnects the entire internet connection instantly if the connection to VPN the server smokes. In this way, you do not risk losing either security or anonymity if this should happen.

HideMyAss Available as programs for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as apps for both Android and iOS. Up to 5 units can be connected at the same time. You can also use HideMyAss on your router if it has a built-in VPN client.

VPN the network is completely in the top and the killswitch function helps to increase the security of connection loss. There is, however, missing Smart DNS, so the service can also be used on consoles, Smart TV, Apple TV etc., and then HMA is not "P2P-friendly", as torrent downloads etc. can only be used on quite a few servers.

Servers and Features: 8 / 10


From $ 32 ($ 4.99) per month for purchase of 12 months for a total of $ 384 ($ 59.88) and $ 64 ($ 9.99) on payment for one month at a time.

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer etc. and full return is granted for up to 30 days.

Visit HideMyAss

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