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Mullvad is a Swedish VPNservice whose primary purpose is to ensure users 100% anonymity. By not storing person-sensitive information at all about the users, it succeeds fully, but unfortunately Mullvad a few places.

There are no apps for Android or iOS, so even though it's not impossible, it's a bit of a hassle to use Mullvad on mobile devices. Unfortunately, there are not so many server locations to connect to, so at DKK 37 (€ 5) a month it is a relatively expensive solution.







Servers and features



  • 100% anonymous
  • Secure encryption
  • 30 days full return
  • P2P allowed
  • Servers in Denmark


  • No apps for iOS or Android
  • Relatively few server locations
  • Relatively expensive


Mullvad allows users to use either OpenVPN or the WireGuard protocols to the encryption. It provides the highest level of security as both protocols are open source, eliminating the need to rely on no backdoors or other dirt in the code.

Security: 10 / 10


The people behind Mullvad goes up to the right to a privacy online and it shines clearly through. You hardly find one VPNservice where the user's identity is so well protected

The service does not carry any logs at all, so there is no way in any way to track a user through the IP address.

To ensure customer anonymity, use Mullvad a quite unique system for handling users that we have not encountered before. It works in its simplicity by not having an account with user name and password, but only an account number.

This account number is generated on Mullvads website without having to give up name, email or other information that can be connected to a person. The account number acts as login in programs and apps, where it is just entered and used alone without a password.

The combination of this system and that not being logged, probably gives the highest level of anonymity that one can imagine, but it also has its price. If you forget your account number, it is a bit difficult to get it back and it cannot be done without giving personal information Mullvad.

Anonymity: 10 / 10

Servers and features

Mullvad has VPN servers in 34 countries, where in several cases there is access to locations in several cities in the same country. It gives Mullvad one of the smallest networks in the industry, but conversely there are the locations most need.

There are four servers in Denmark, all of which are located in Copenhagen, so you can for example. use Mullvad to access services that can normally only be accessed from Denmark, such as if you want to watch Danish TV from abroad.

There are client applications for Windows, Mac and Linux that are simple, intuitive and easy to use. There are not many frills in the software, but it is possible to beat one kill switch to which immediately disconnects the internet connection if the contact with VPNThe server is lost.

mullvad vpn app screenshot
Mullvads VPN The app (shown here in MacOS) is both simple and intuitive. Unfortunately, there are no apps for either Android or iOS.

Unfortunately, there are no apps for either Android or iOS, so you have to start configuring yourself VPNconnection if you want to use Mullvad on mobile devices.

P2P (BitTorrent) is allowed on all servers.

Servers and Features: 6 / 10

Prices and subscriptions

Mullvads subscriptions and prices are out of the question, because there is only one type of subscription with one price; namely 37 per month (€ 5). It is the same price, regardless of whether you pay for one month or four years at a time.

Payable by credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and bank transfer, and even cash. Here you simply put the money in an envelope (is it legal at all?) Along with his account number and send it to Mullvad. When they then receive the letter, the account is credited with the amount sent.

Full refund is granted for NUMX days on all forms of payment except cash.

Mullvad can be installed on an unlimited number of devices and used on up to five of them at the same time.

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