En kill switch is a technical device that prevents the user's security and privacy from being compromised in the event VPN- The connection is interrupted by mistake. It acts as a fuse VPNthe connection's encryption, as a kill switch effectively prevents non-encrypted data traffic from being exchanged over the Internet, which could otherwise result in leakage of sensitive data.

kill switch vpn

Kill switch is an automatic emergency switch that protects against leakage of sensitive data if VPN- The connection is interrupted by mistake.

VPNConnections are usually very stable and only rarely experienced, but should that happen, a kill switch is a hugely useful "emergency switch". It is therefore recommended that you choose one VPNservice that offers the function, which most people happily do, but of course also ensure that it is activated.

How does one work VPN kill switch?

A kill switch can work in two different ways: Interruption of the entire internet connection or shut down of selected programs. Which method is used depends both on the provider and the platform.

For example, user NordVPN shutdown programs on Mac, but disconnecting the system-level Internet connection on iOS (iPhone and iPad). Selection of method and on which platforms you can read in the user manual for it VPNservice you use.

A complete disconnection of the internet connection is the most secure method since it is completely shut down that non-encrypted data can be exchanged with the internet. Conversely, losing the internet connection can also be annoying and inappropriate VPN- the connection is interrupted.

In that situation, automatic and immediate shutdown of selected programs is a good solution. For example, Be closing the browser or a torrent client. However, please be aware that make sure to add all the programs you want to close!

How does the kill switch turn into?

Kill switch is a feature that can be found in the software VPNservice - typically below settings, settings, configuration or similar. It can also be called Network Lock (ExpressVPN) or something similar, but works in principle in the same way. Once the function is found in the settings, it is only left to turn it on and possibly. select the programs you want closed. You will then be protected by a faulty interruption VPNconnection and must not do any further - kill switch manages it from here.

kill switch vpn

Kill switch setting is shown here NordVPNs application for mac Here it works by closing selected programs, so you should also remember to set which ones.

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