Live TV from DR is completely blocked from abroad and there is only limited access to certain previously viewed programs. TV2 Play, Viaplay and YouSee are also blocked but can, however, be temporarily accessed from EU countries for up to 30 days due to EU rules.

If you want to watch DR from abroad and / or TV2 Play, YouSee or Viaplay outside the EU or within the EU for longer than 30 days, you are therefore in a bad position - unless you have a VPNservice with servers in Denmark.

All the top 5 VPNservices that you find a list at the end of this article offer Danish servers and here differ ExpressVPN stand out beside VPN also to have Smart DNS included in the subscription, which can also be used on Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation and similar devices where one cannot install one VPN-client.

dr tv2 play yousee viaplay abroad vpn smart dns
If you try to see Danish TV channels or streaming services such as DR, TV2 Play, Viaplay and YouSee from abroad, you will often find that access is blocked. You can easily get around with that VPN or Smart DNS.

Therefore, Danish TV channels and streaming services are blocked abroad

Your IP address reveals where you are in the world and is the most widespread way for service providers to sort in what content a current user can access. Thus, users may experience limited or even no access depending on the IP address.

It is probably best known from Netflixwhere Danish users, due to complex agreements on rights, have access to much less content than, for example, users from the US. However, it is also used by Danish streaming providers such as DR, TV2 Play, Viaplay, YouSee etc., which to a greater or lesser extent block access to the services if the user is not in Denmark.

How to cheat VPN blockage

If you want to see Danish TV channels or streaming services from abroad, you can connect your unit to one VPNserver in Denmark and in this way "cheat" the service providers' systems so that they can not see that you are abroad. When connecting to one VPNserver, one's private IP address will be replaced with VPN- The server and in this way it will appear as if you are somewhere else than is actually the case.

Connected to one VPN-server in Denmark you therefore get a Danish IP address and will therefore have full access to eg. DR, TV2 Play, YouSee, Viaplay etc. even if you are abroad.

Watch Danish TV abroad with Smart DNS

An alternative to VPN er Smart DNSwhich is a similar technology but does not use encryption. Smart DNS therefore, cannot be used to secure and anonymize your internet connection, but only to make it look like you are somewhere else in the world than it is.

A great advantage of that Smart DNS is that it can also be used on devices where one cannot install one VPN- client such as Smart TV, Apple TV, consoles (Playstation and Xbox), etc. If you are only interested in accessing TV channels and streaming services anywhere in the world, give Smart DNS thus a greater flexibility in relation to the choice of units than VPN.

Besides being able to watch Danish TV from abroad, so can Smart DNS is also used to access foreign streaming services from Denmark such as Netflix USA. both Unlocator og US-unblock can both be recommended as they support access to virtually all streaming services in the world.

If you want the best of both worlds, then you can subscribe to ExpressVPNwhere you both get VPN og Smart DNS included in the price.

Access to payment services such as Netflix mv. of course also requires that you have a valid subscription to the service - You can not get around that. It is not illegal to use either VPN or Smart DNS, but it may be against a service's terms of use, so of course you have to keep that in mind if you do not want to commit to the rules.

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