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ProtonVPN is a Swiss VPNprovider from the people behind Protonmail, which is an encrypted email service where privacy is central. The same is true for ProtonVPNwhich in every way delivers a safe VPNservice, which is also 100% anonymous, since no personal data is logged on users' use of the service.

The only downsides ProtonVPN is a relatively high price compared to what you pay for a similar product at the competitors. On the other hand, you get an extremely credible product, where the people behind are high in ordinary people's right to use the Internet safely and anonymously.

There is a limited one free edition of ProtonVPNwhere P2P is blocked and you can only connect to servers in 3 countries, but it's a great way to try the app, etc. on.







Servers and features



  • Secure encryption protocols
  • Anonym
  • Servers in Denmark
  • 30 days full return
  • P2P allowed


  • Relatively expensive if you have access to all functions
  • Relatively few server locations


The safety of one VPNconnection to ProtonVPN can't get better, because only strong encryption keys and credible encryption protocols are used. Connections are encrypted with 256 bits keys and handshakes (connection creation) with 2048 bits, both of which are the highest standard in encryption.

Depending on the device used, the connection is encrypted with either the OpenVPN or IKE2v / IPSec, both of which are open source software, which means that the program code is publicly available. It gives the huge advantage that it is impossible to sneak backdoors or the like into the encryption protocol, which could otherwise seriously compromise security.

protonvpn proton vpn
ProtonVPNs security is absolutely impeccable, as only open source encryption protocols are used.

It is used perfect forward secrecywhich means that a new unique encryption key is created each time a connection is created. In this way, data from other connections cannot be decoded if an encryption key is to be compromised for any reason.

The physical security of ProtonVPN is also impeccable, as the data centers are located must have protected locations such as former protection rooms and former military facilities.

Security: 10 / 10


ProtonVPN is headquartered in Switzerland, where legislation largely protects privacy. They are therefore not required to record and store user data and their use of VPNservice, which they also do not.

No sensitive information is logged about the users' use of ProtonVPN, including visits to websites, downloads, application with programs, etc. The only thing logged is the time of the last time a user connects to one VPNserver, but nothing about what the connection has been used for.

In fact, you do not have to disclose your identity at all when you register as a user and payments are made using third-party payment services, so ProtonVPN does not even contain information that can be used to track a user.

Anonymity: 10 / 10

Servers and features

ProtonVPN has a relatively small network with approx. 400 servers in 33 different countries. There are servers in Denmark and on all continents, so most regular users will be well covered. If you need servers in special locations, you should just check if they are available ProtonVPNs network.

Some of the servers use so-called Secure Core, which is a term for the connection to the server going through one of ProtonVPNs secured data centers in Switzerland, Sweden or Iceland, as all three are countries where the law protects privacy. The intention is that the user's identity will thereby be protected even if the server is to be compromised.

Killswitch, always-on VPN and DNS leak protection

ProtonVPNs client software has built-in killswitch og always-on VPNwhich both increase safety. Both functions are intended to avoid losing VPN- the safety and anonymity of the connection if it is interrupted for one reason or another.

A killswitch immediately interrupts Internet connection if connected VPNThe server is lost. The always-on feature automatically restores VPN-the connection as soon as possible upon failure.

ProtonVPN uses signe own DNS servers that protect users from their IP addresses being leaked by DNS lookup.

protonvpn proton vpn dns leak killswitch always on vpn
With ProtonVPN You can add another level of security to yours VPNconnection with kill switch and DNS leak protection.

Tor over VPN and P2P

ProtonVPN comes with built-in support for Thor over VPNwhich makes it easy to manage the connection Tor the networkwhich provides extra protection and access dark web with a single click.

P2P is allowed on selected servers. However, this only applies to paid subscriptions.

Servers and Features: 9 / 10


ProtonVPN offers three different paid subscriptions as well as a free subscription with limited usability. There are XNUM days full refund on all subscriptions.


The free subscription can be used on one device at a time and provides access to servers in three countries: USA, Holland and Japan. The speed is limited to give paying users the highest priority and then P2P (torrents) is blocked.

Try ProtonVPN free here.


The basic subscription gives access to all the servers and can be used up to two units at a time. P2P is allowed, but the subscription cannot be used for streaming (e.g. Netflix USA), Tor over VPN or Secure Core, which is reserved for Plus and Visionary subscriptions.

The basic subscription costs 26 ($ 4) a month (308 ($ 48) per year).


Plus the subscription provides full access to all features up to 5 units at a time. You can use P2P, stream Netflix US and use Secure Core and Tor over VPN. Plus, you have access to Plus servers, which are reserved for users with Plus and Visionary subscriptions, which should mean that they provide a faster connection.

Plus the subscription costs 51X ($ 8) per month (616 $ ($ 96) per year).


The Visionary subscription is like the Plus subscription, but can be used on up to 10 units simultaneously. There is also a ProtonMail Visionary subscription included in the price.

Visionary subscription costs 154 ($ 24) per month (1,847 ($ 288) per year).

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