Virtually everyone VPN services offer customers user-friendly Android apps that automatically manage the setup and administration of VPN compound. There may also be built-in smart features such as speed tests as well as safety-critical features such as a killswitch that only connects to the network if connected to a VPN server. The latter guarantees the user's anonymity and security in the event of any failure VPN compound.

However, one may have a desire not to use the provider's Android app, but rather to use Android's built-in VPN client.

How to set VPN in Android

The following setup VPN in Android assumes that you have the necessary configuration settings from your VPN provider.

  1. During Settings selected More and then VPN.
  2. Press + in the upper right corner to add a new one VPN connection. window Edit VPN-profile opens.
  3. Give VPN profile a name and select from the drop-down menu Type the desired encryption protocol. Here you can choose between PPTP and several variants of both L2TP and IPsec. Here you have to choose the type that matches the configuration settings you have received from yours VPN provider.
  4. Once you have selected the type, enter the configuration settings that depend on the type of encryption you have selected. Here you must enter information such as user name, password, IP address VPN the server, etc. It may also be necessary to specify a user certificate that is a file to be downloaded to the phone. Certificates are available from the provider.
  5. When you press Save you can subsequently connect to VPN server below VPN menu. Once a secure connection is established, a key icon can be seen on the notification line in Android.

Do you want to set up connections for more people VPN servers are repeated to 2-5.

Do you want to use the OpenVPN in Android, you need a third party VPN client such as OpenVPN Connect.
Do you want to use the OpenVPN in Android, you need a third party VPN client such as OpenVPN Connect.

OpenVPN in Android

Do you want to encrypt your VPN connection with the OpenVPN protocol, you need to use an app then OpenVPN encryption is not included in the built-in Android VPN client.

Offered OpenVPN of yours VPN provider, it is easiest to use the provider's own Android app, but otherwise one can use OpenVPN Connect, there is a free OpenVPN Android app. Here you also have to make sure you enter the configuration information you get from VPN provider.

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