NordVPN review

NordVPN is probably the largest in the market VPNprovider and one completed VPNservice that is both secure, anonymous and user-friendly. VPNthe network is in the medium category with over 5000 servers in more than 50 countries; including in Denmark.

Besides ordinary VPN Encryption is offered a number of additional features that enhance security and usability. Here you can Board killswitch, DNS leak protection, double encryption and Tor over VPN. It is also allowed to use P2P on some of the servers.

The only thing missing is Smart DNS, but otherwise there is not a finger to put on something and NordVPN is close to being the perfect one VPN.

Subscriptions are available from only DKK 29, - (€ 3.88) per month. It does NordVPN to one of the absolute cheapest VPNservices.







Servers and features



  • 100% anonymous (no logs)
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Servers in Denmark
  • P2P allowed
  • Cheap
  • 30 days full return
  • Connect up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • Open-source encryption
  • Killswitch, DNS leak protection and obfuscation


  • No opportunity to test NordVPN free
  • Smart DNS not included


NordVPNs software uses as standard the 256 bits OpenVPN encryption (though IKEv2 / IPSec in the iOS app, which is also very secure), but the other common protocols SSTP, PPTP, IPSec / L2TP and IKEv2 / L2TP can be used as needed. In other words, there is a great deal of flexibility, which means that NordVPN can be used on virtually all units and for all purposes.

It is recommended to use the Open as far as possibleVPN or IKEv2, as both are open source projects. This increases the credibility of the encryption integrity, as openness around the source code prevents "dirt" from being listed into the programs through the back door.

NordVPN offers a special feature they call double VPN, where serial connections are made to two servers, whereby data is encrypted twice. Proper one-time encryption - like NordVPN uses - is already practically impossible to break, so immediately there is no security gain here with double encryption, but conversely it does not hurt either.

However, it should not be laid NordVPN to the load and it is very positive that OpenVPN is standard, so security cannot be better.

Security: 10 / 10


NordVPN respects customers' wishes to protect privacy and therefore does not record data that can be used to identify them. Thus, no time or duration of connection to the service is registered and no information is stored about IP addresses, used servers, visited websites or downloaded files. This makes it completely impossible to track a user on the network, which can therefore be considered 100% anonymous. .

Double VPN the feature, where the two are connected in series NordVPNs servers provide an extra layer of anonymity, since the last server in the chain in no way knows the user's private IP address as it has been hidden by the first server.

In addition, the company is registered in Panama, which brings it out of legal scope, for example. USA and the EU.

Anonymity: 10 / 10

Servers and features

NordVPN has a global network with over 5000 servers in 60 countries and is represented on all continents (besides Antarctica). Of these are 71 is in Denmarkwhere you can choose to connect to common VPN servers as well as servers dedicated to P2P. It will be abundant to meet the needs of most people, whether you want access to regionally limited services or use VPN to get a secure and anonymous internet connection.

In countries such as China and the Middle East, where the Internet is censored and VPN connections are often blocked so that they do not work, works NordVPN still, as the servers are hidden from state power.

nordvpn review vpn serve denmark
NordVPN has over 5000 servers distributed in 60 countries and is represented on all continents. Out of these servers there are 11 in Denmark.

Extra security with Kill Switch and DNS leak protection

The user-friendly software has a built-in kill switchwho immediately disconnects the internet connection if the connection to VPN the server is lost as well DNS leak resolver, which protects against the detection of the user's IP address by DNS queries. Both techniques contribute to the strength of the service by ensuring that the connection can never become insecure and / or reveal the user's identity.

It is allowed on some of the servers to use P2P, so if you want to use torrents, you just have to make sure you connect to one of these, but it is easily done with the clear client software. It should not be seen as a limitation, but rather an advantage, as P2P requires large bandwidth, so removing the possibility of P2P on certain servers increases the available speed considerably.

Tor over VPN and CyberSec

Should you have the very large silver paper hat, you can use it Tor over VPNwhich is quite a clever feature where data is first encrypted VPN and then channeled on Tor the network for increased security. It makes it harder in theory to track the connection, but the Tor network is slow - frustratingly slow - so it can only be used to surf, check emails and other non-data-intensive tasks.

A connection to Tor is a condition for access darknet or deep webas it is also called, and although it can manage to connect to one VPN and fire up Tor browser, it is smart with an integrated solution. Connected to one of NordVPNs Tor over VPN servers you can use Tor with the browser you usually use, and with the increased security, as VPN gives, on top.

Another NordVPN The feature for extra security is something they call CyberSec. With CyberSec enabled, suspicious sites are automatically blocked so the user does not accidentally get malware or similar. Even if CyberSec has already received malware, CyberSec ensures that the computer is being used for DDoS attacks, etc. Furthermore, CyberSec also acts as an ad blocker, which hides advertisers banners, etc. from websites.

NordVPN can be used with Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Raspberry Pi, DD-WRT and others.

The only function you might want to miss is Smart DNS, which allows streaming of regional material as Netflix USA on Smart TV, Apple TV, consoles and other devices where VPN cannot be used. So far, however, it is only ExpressVPN, which has the service included in the subscription.

Servers and Features: 9,5 / 10

Prices NordVPN subscriptions

The prices of NordVPN depends on how long a subscription period is for. The longer the subscription, the cheaper it will be per month. On the front page you will see prices other than below, and that is because I have added 25% VAT on top of that, which also happens before payment.

  • A subscription for three years costs DKK 1,040 (€ 140), corresponding to DKK 29 (€ 3.88) per month. It is cheap, but conversely, it is also long to commit.
  • A one-year subscription costs DKK 694, - (€ 93), equivalent to 58, - (€ 7.78) per month.
  • One month at a time costs NOK 99, - (€ 13.3).

There are 30 days full return policy on all subscriptions and there can Payable by credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and AliPay.

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NordVPN test

To test NordVPN, a subscription was subscribed for a year and then reviewed below to test the most basic.

  • Client software ease of use
  • Internet speeds connected to servers respectively. Denmark and the United States
  • About P2P (BitTorrent) is working or blocked
  • Whether access is available Netflix USA
  • If you can get your money back as promised

Even when the subscription was subscribed, I became a little wiser. Here it turns out that the prices on the front are without VAT, which is automatically added if you pay with a Danish card.

NordVPN was tested on a Windows PC, but there are also apps for Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux and Android TV (clever if you have a TV running Android). There are also plugins / extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

NordVPN test: Installation and user interface

I subscribed where I paid with a credit card and immediately the installation file could be downloaded automatically, so it couldn't be easier to get started. Installation files can be downloaded directly from NordVPN or in the App Store, Google Play, etc.

After the installation, you log in your email and password that you chose when you subscribed. When NordVPN is opened, you are presented with a user interface as shown in the picture (you look the whole world). You can connect by either clicking on the map or by selecting the country in the list on the left.

nordvpn screenshot

If you choose from the list, you have several options and can e.g. choose to connect to the fastest server in a specific region of that country. You can also choose "specialty servers" for Double VPN, P2P, Onion Over VPN or Dedicated IP and here it is also possible to select the country, for example. connects to a Double VPN server in the United States.

Clicking on the gear at the top of the image opens settings. Here you can for example. turn on killswitch so the internet connection is completely closed if the connection to VPNserver is disconnected. Killswitch is a simple but important measure that prevents you from accidentally losing connection to VPNserver and thus also the security and anonymity it provides. Here you can also switch to a connection VPN when the computer is started.

Overall, there are plenty of choices, but at the same time it's clear and intuitive, so NordVPN gets great praise for the user interface.

NordVPN test: Speed

It may cost something on the Internet speed to use VPN. This is because encryption is relatively resource intensive and so will the capacity of VPNservers are crucial. Therefore, on heavy servers, the loss will be minimal and, conversely, a significant decrease in the speed of resource-poor servers will be experienced.

The relative loss will depend on how fast one's own internet connection is. On relatively slow connections (<50 Mbit) it may not be possible to register a loss at all, where it can be over 50% on fast connections such as e.g. 1000 Mbit.

I did speed tests on connections for two VPNservers; One in Denmark and one in the USA. In both cases, the test was performed with At the Danish test, it was downloaded from TDC and at the USA the test from AT&T in New York, where it chose VPNserver was also lying. In both cases, the speed was tested 3 times within a few minutes.

nordvpn speed test denmark
Result of speed test while connected to one NordVPN server in Denmark.
nordvpn speed test USA
Result of speed test while connected to one NordVPN server in the United States.

As shown in the pictures, the speed is good at both connections. It goes fastest with the Danish server, which was also expected, as losses occur over long distances, because the connection goes over several intermediate stations.

In both cases, speeds are lower than without VPN (I have 1000 Mbit) but it is quite normal that it costs some speed to use VPN. It could indicate that NordVPN is limited to a maximum of 300 Mbps, which in my opinion is excellent for most. If you have slower internet, you should really be able to use NordVPN without experiencing lower speeds than usual.

It should be noted here that the speed has only been tested on a small sample of NordVPNs servers. The speed is also affected by the number of users connected to that server, so the speed may be lower at other times if there are more users.

Test of NordVPN: P2P

Some VPNproviders are blocking BitTorrent, then you will be sure to be able to use P2P file sharing and VPN at the same time, make sure that it is allowed by the provider. NordVPN writes myself that P2P is welcome, but since it is easy to test if it also fits, I did.

The test was done by connecting to one of the NordVPNs P2P servers in Denmark and subsequently try to download Ubuntu, which is a variant of the free operating system Linux. That way I can test if P2P works NordVPN without getting into the fat dish.

It worked perfectly seamlessly and instantly with no lower download speed than without VPN, so NordVPN lives up to its claim.

Test of NordVPN - DNS leak

Although using VPN, you may risk that your IP address is leaked by DNS lookup. It usually happens if, despite one VPNconnection still uses its own ISP for DNS queries. VPNproviders can protect against DNS leak by also redirecting queries to DNS.

DNS leak is easy to test for example., which reveals the IP address of the DNS server you are using. NordVPN was tested with connection to a Danish VPNserver and it was found that NordVPN also redirects DNS queries and thus protects against DNS leak.

NordVPN test: Netflix USA ()

Here I tested if I could access Netflix while I was connected to one VPNserver in the US and thus access Netflix USA. The first attempt was disappointing, because there I was presented with an error message which means that the server's IP address is blocked.

I tried to connect to two other servers in the US and then it worked Netflix fine, and I could play content that cannot be viewed from a Danish IP address. So it can be seen Netflix US with NordVPN, but it may require trying multiple servers until you hit one that is not blocked.

It should be noted here that Netflix continually blocks IP addresses if they find out they are being used by VPNservices. Therefore, a server that is not blocked today may well be tomorrow and therefore it cannot be guaranteed that there will always be access to Netflix US with NordVPN. On the other hand, sheep NordVPN also continuously fresh IP addresses, which - for a period at least - will not be blocked.

NordVPN test: Getting the money back

NordVPN promises "no questions asked" return policy on all subscriptions for up to 30 days. It's nice to have a whole month risk - free to try out a product in, but the eternal question is, does it say something in a small place that you have not just read?

A few weeks after the test, I wrote to NordVPN in the support chat on their website, where I asked to have the subscription canceled and the money refunded. It agreed to the good employee and the money was back in my account after a few days.

NordVPN test: Conclusion

I have to admit that I was skeptical of that NordVPN before the test. They have marketed themselves quite aggressively and compared to the really good prices it gave me the impression that there must be something wrong somewhere.

However, it turned out not to stick. The interface is great, the speed is good and there are the features to be had, plus a little more. All in all it is NordVPN is excellent VPNservice, I do not hesitate a second to recommend.

The only thing missing and that lasts NordVPN from scoring a total 10 is that there is not Smart DNS with the subscription, as with ExpressVPN. Smart DNS does not use encryption, but can in turn be used on devices where you cannot install one VPNclient such as smart TV, consoles, Apple TV etc.

With Smart DNS you can on those devices - just like with VPN - connect to streaming services via foreign IP addresses and thus gain access to e.g. Netflix USA from Denmark, etc. If it had been in the subscription as with ExpressVPN, it had been the icing on the cake, but in return costs ExpressVPN also approx. the double that NordVPN.

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