On Netflix At the time of writing, the United States has 1157 series and 4593 films (2021 numbers) and the United States is the only place on earth that has access to 100% of American content.

In the rest of the world, the content is on Netflix generally less. In Canada, for example. access to 623 series and 2562 films and in Denmark to just 351 series and 1789 films.

Usually, the large catalog of movies and series will only be available in the US, however VPN- and Smart DNS the technologies also make it easy to access from other countries.

Is it legal to see Netflix USA from another country?

There is no agreement on the extent to which it is legal to use one VPN to access region-protected material abroad.

I an article at politiken.dk regarding. access to American Netflix says lawyer specializing in IT, Martin von Haller Grønbæk, following:

If you got access to a copy of a movie or series on Netflix without paying, it would clearly be illegal. But that's not the case, if Netflix streams the movie legally and you pay for Netflix, whether you use the Danish or American version. So I can't see why it should be illegal.

IT lawyer Peter Lind Nielsen agrees with the recital:

We have not seen any cases in the area, however I find it difficult to see that it should be illegal according to Danish law, but because it is contrary to the terms of the agreement entered into with Netflix, can Netflix'sanction be that one gets hooked by the service, - or whatever other service it may now be about.

It is cf. the above not illegal, however Netflix are not happy about it so they have in some cases blocked certain services that allow access Netflix USA. However, the problem is no greater than the providers of these very easily gaining access again and often the users experience nothing or only temporary outcomes.

The Rights Alliance is of a different opinion and equates it with illegally making copies of the streamed:

In the Rights Alliance, we are often asked whether it is legal for Danes to use one VPNconnection to access legal content services abroad - for example the US versions of HBO, Netflix and YouTube, where there may be films and series that are not available on the Danish versions.

It is illegal for the reason that the copy production that happens to the user during playback from Netflix, does not happen on the basis of a legal original. This means that the rights holders have only given the service a license to distribute the content on the American market, whereas they have not given permission for the distribution on the Danish market.

There are from time to time articles in the press which indicate that it is legal, but it is the Rights Alliance's clear assessment that Danes' use of VPNconnections to access content on services licensed solely to, for example, the US market are illegal.

Lawyer Mads Jørgensen believes that in principle it can well be assessed as piracy, but that it will hardly be punished:

It is completely a breach of the contract you enter into Netflix. And if you look at it in terms of copyright, then you are accessing some content, a movie or a series that has not been licensed in the given region. Put bluntly, it will probably be illegal.

But whether it would ever be punished, I strongly doubt. When the content is on Netflix many consumers would think that the content is legal, therefore a dispute will probably end between the rights holders and Netflix and not between Netflix and the consumer.

It would also be appropriate here to mention that it is against Netflix'conditions of use, to gain access to material other than his home country. Therefore, it could theoretically mean that you get your account blocked, but we have not yet heard that it should have happened.

Look American Netflix with VPN and Smart DNS

Besides being in the United States, there are two ways to access American Netflix on from Denmark (and in principle all other countries): Smart DNS og VPN. There is an in-depth explanation of the techniques further down the page, but in short, the difference is that a VPN connection is encrypted and anonymous, which Smart DNS is not. In return, can Smart DNS is used on several types of devices such as Smart TV, Apple TV, consoles, etc., which cannot be used VPN.

In principle, anyone can VPN- or Smart DNS service is used, but we have chosen to emphasize respectively. ExpressVPN (VPN + SmartDNS) Unlocator (Smart DNS) and NordVPN (VPN), as they are distinguished in their own way.

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It is perfectly legal to use these "tricks" to get both a cheaper subscription and access to Netflix USA. However, one must be aware that it is against Netflix'Terms of Use, but so far we have not encountered examples of users having their account closed because they have used VPN or Smart DNS.

Because of Netflix'aggressive conduct against VPN og Smart DNS unfortunately it cannot be guaranteed that the services described will allow access Netflix. However, they either give the money back or are free to try.

Access to the delights requires you to subscribe to Netflix And if you have one in advance, it can easily be used. Otherwise you can with advantage Sign up for one VPN- or Smart DNS connection and save up to 50% on the subscription.

Netflix can be tested for free for a month and regardless of whether you choose to use it VPN or Smart DNS, there is either a free trial or full money-back guarantee. So you can try out if Netflix The US is for you, without it costing you a penny.

How to get access with Smart DNS

The smart in Smart DNS lies in the fact that the service redirects your access Netflixso it looks like you're in the US. It cheats Netflix'access restriction, so you instead of Danish Netflix view content and menus from American Netflix. If you are interested in a longer explanation, read our article on Smart DNS.

The technology has the advantage that it can be used on virtually any type of device, including Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox and Apple TV. You can't use it here VPNas the required software cannot be installed. You want access Netflix The US on one of these devices, you MUST use Smart DNS.

With Smart DNS connects the user automatically to certain websites (e.g., US Netflix), via a proxy server.
With Smart DNS connects the user automatically to certain websites (e.g., US Netflix), via a proxy server.

Another advantage of Smart DNS is that the redirection does not affect your download speed and you can therefore easily stream up to UHD (4K) quality.

We recommend Unlocator that Smart DNS provider that can be tested for free for 7 days without entering credit card information, but there are also other good services such as. Over Play.

How to get access with VPN

VPN provides access to Netflix United States on the same principle as Smart DNS, namely by redirecting the connection so that it appears to come from the United States or other countries. The big difference is that where Smart DNS only do it for your connection to Netflix, then redirects VPN everything and your entire internet connection will be encrypted at the same time, providing increased security and high anonymity.

The encryption that happens automatically with VPN, is fast but still resource-intensive and can therefore cost a little on the speed. If you are going to stream American Netflix In high quality (HD and 4K) you should therefore use a high end VPN provider, with a large and fast server network, which of course must have servers in the US, but it has by far the most.

For example, can ExpressVPN or NordVPN Highly recommended, but most can be used (see our reviews here or in the sidebar) and will be just as suitable for the purpose.

VPN can only be run on PCs, smartphones tablets and the like, so not on Smart TV, consoles or Apple TV, where only Smart DNS can be used.

VPN Dealer ExpressVPN includes Smart DNS in the subscription, allowing users to access the best of both types of technology.

You have to choose Smart DNS or VPN?

If you only want American access Netflixis Smart DNS clearly recommend in relation to VPN Due to the high speed and low price. On the other hand, you must do without the anonymity and security that can be achieved with VPN.

With regard. The ease of use is VPN easiest to use, as connection to a US server is done with a few clicks VPNprogram. Here is Smart DNS slightly more cumbersome to use as DNSs have to be entered manually in the operating system network configuration. However, there are detailed guides from the providers themselves that can be followed by anyone and it only needs to be set up once.

Do you use Netflix the app on a Smart TV, Playstation, Xbox, Apple TV or the like is Smart DNS Typically, your only option for getting to American Netflixas one cannot use VPN directly on these devices.

VPNinfo.dk recommends

The best of both worlds is available ExpressVPNwhich is both super fast VPN provider and as part of the subscription also offers Smart DNS. Are you only interested in access to Netflix The United States and would like to save some money is Unlocator a very good and professional service that fully supplies the product and free of charge can be tested in 7 days.

How to get a cheaper one Netflix Subscription

American netflix usa cheap vpn
Visit netflix.com connected to one VPN in the US and get Netflix at the lower US prices.

There is not only a difference between the content in Danish and American Netflix; The prices are also different. At the time of writing, the Danish subscriptions thus cost DKK 79, DKK 89 and DKK 119 for respectively. Basic, Standard and Premium, where Americans don't have to pay $ 7,99, $ 51, and $ 9,99. Thus, up to approx. 64 at the most expensive Premium subscription needed to stream in the highest quality (UHD / 11,99K).

Fortunately, it's easy to get Netflix to the US price, even if you are in another country; You just have to do it over VPN (eg. ExpressVPN) or with Smart DNS (eg. Unlocator) Turned on.

With a US IP address, will Netflix'system register you as being in the US and if you sign up in the meantime, it happens with the US terms and prices. Subsequently, you will be able to use both Danish and American Netflix as normal, but a tooth cheaper.

Why is there other content? Netflix USA?

The reason for the different content of what you would otherwise think was the same service lies in what Netflix has acquired rights to. There is thus paid for rights to other (and more) content for American Netflix end Netflix Denmark. Netflix is therefore forced to restrict users' access to content depending on where in the world the users are, if they do not want to risk trouble.

Regional targeting of content in Netflix helps keep prices down then Netflix Avoid paying for content, there are very few or no viewers to. Since there is by nature greater demand for e.g. Danish series and films in Denmark can subscribe to Netflix made cheaper if Danish content is not available to Brazilians and vice versa. In other cases, the demand for a series or movie is high worldwide, but there is simply no way to buy the rights if the price of the subscription is to be kept at the current level.

Netflix USA - How you look American Netflix.
Access a larger and newer selection of movies and series with Netflix USA.

From Netflix have you announced that you are working exclusively to buy global rights so that the same content can be seen all over the world, but it is not something that comes into place from one day to the next and until then you have to take alternative methods in use if you want access to Netflix USA from Denmark.

Still working?

You have several places could readthat there would be closed for access to Netflix USA via various VPN- and proxy services, but the barring can easily be bypassed and has already become that of most VPN og Smart DNS providers. However, this kind of "sensations" attracts readers, so the message has been widely reported in many media, which has not been critical of the consequences.

The Netflix It has been quite easy to identify and block the IP addresses that VPN- and Smart DNS the services have been used to access. However, switching to new IP addresses is just as easy, eliminating the blockage, and has been the response of the providers, who in most cases have been prepared for the action.

Netflix can of course also block the new IP addresses, but should it happen then change Smart DNS- and VPN providers just again. The same thing happens if Netflix finds on smarter methods and the cat-after-mouse play can then continue as long as you bother. As a user, you can sometimes be exposed to access to American access Netflixbut it will usually be temporary and you have to do nothing but wait.

Stay far away Hola

In your search for info on access to American Netflix You may have come across Hola, there is a free service that includes promises access to Netflix USA. Hola is extremely insecure to use and the company behind lives by selling access to users' computers and internet connection, which can be abused for a lot of things. Read more about Hola.

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