The price of Netflix is not the same worldwide but depends on the country from which you subscribe. With a VPN connection you can legally "cheat" Netflix'system to believe that you are in a country other than Denmark and thereby save almost 50% on the subscription.

Netflix currently fighting VPN as a method of accessing region-limited material, which provides access to e.g. the large selection on American Netflix. However, so far it has had NO influence on access to the website itself, which can be visited without any problems via VPN.

With the method below you are only connected to VPNwhen you subscribe and not when you use it Netflix to stream movies and series. The trick can therefore still be used and can be confirmed to work perfectly.

There is nothing in it Netflix'terms of use that it should be other than allowed.

netflix discount vpn
Connected to one VPNserver in Canada, one is offered the same subscriptions Netflix, but close to 50% cheaper than in Denmark! (Click to enlarge image - opens in another window)

Denmark: The world's highest prices on Netflix

Are you going in, their system will determine from your IP address which country you are in. If you are in Denmark, you have (if you do not use VPN) a Danish IP address and is therefore presented to the Danish version of the website, which means that you get the prices for the Danish market.

Unfortunately, the prices are too Netflix in Denmark among the highest in the world, and we must release DKK 79 for a basic subscription and the entire DKK 119 for a premium subscription (price January 2017) that is necessary if you want to stream in UHD (4K).

Visiting man Netflix'website from another country, one is therefore typically presented with somewhat lower prices. For example. is Netflix close to 50% cheaper in Canada, where a premium subscription, which costs DKK 119 per. month in Denmark, can be purchased for DKK 62 (Can $ 11.99 - price January 2017). You can see a comparison of the three types of subscriptions as well as their prices in resp. Denmark and Canada in the table below.

Streaming in HD
Streaming in UHD (4K)
Units you can see Netflix at the same time




First month free of charge
Canadian price

Kr. 41 / md 

(Can $ 7.99)

Kr. 52 / md 

(Can $ 9.99)

Kr. 62 / md 

(Can $ 11.99)

Danish price

Kr. 79 / md

Kr. 89 / md

Kr. 119 / md

How to get a cheaper one Netflix Subscription

Fortunately, it's super easy to get Netflix at lower prices; it just requires you to sign your subscription VPN. Here's how you do it:

  1. Start yours VPN-client (if not already running). You can basically use any one VPNprovider for this trick, so also free VPNservices. However, it requires, of course, that the service offers servers in the right countries (see next point). Don't have one already VPNsubscription, you can take advantage of any free trial subscriptions or money-back guarantees. It is completely legal, so you can not care about anonymity etc. here.
  2. Connect to one VPNserver in another country. At the time of writing (January 2017) is Netflix cheapest in Canada and Brazil, but it can change, so check the price of / signup and translate into Danish kroner on If you see the price in the correct currency relative to the country you are connected to VPN-server in, it works. Connected to one VPNserver in Canada, you should see prices in Canadian dollars.
  3. Draw a cheap one Netflix subscription. Once you've found the cheapest subscription, it's time to take advantage of it. Here you just connect to VPNserver in the country with the lowest prices (eg Canada or Brazil) and follow the instructions on / getstarted. Remember to check that you see the local lower rates before you pay. You can easily use a Danish payment card, even if you subscribe via VPN in another country.
    • Already have a subscription Netflix, you can say it and draw a new one when it expires. Alternatively, use another email if you are impatient.
  4. Use Netflix as normal. Logged out VPNserver, you can use Netflix 100% as if you had subscribed to Danish prices - there is NO difference.

You only have to do the above once; that's when you subscribe. In advance, the money is automatically deducted from your card every month, as normal, but at the low price, and so on, it will remain until you cancel your subscription.

Netflix may, of course, in the future find that they will do something about the customers "cheating" at lower prices, but so far it is not immediately against the terms of use. That, of course, can change - you never know.

PS: Use the above method VPN only for subscription and not for daily use. It means that Netflix works exactly as usual - that is, if you have subscribed from Denmark without VPN. You therefore do not run into problems with that Netflix not working because you used VPN.

PPS: Do you want the larger selection from American Netflixwhere there are over 10x as many titles as in Danish Netflix, Do you need VPN or Smart DNSwhen you connect to Netflix to stream movies or series. Read more about how it works in the article about access to Netflix USA.

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