NB: Unblock-US has not been working for a long time Netflixso if looking for a service to look American Netflix, you should choose another service such as Unlocator or ExpressVPN. You can read more about the alternatives here: Om Netflix USA.

US-unblock is a Smart DNS service designed to access online services that are otherwise reserved for people in a limited geographical area. For example, be to see American Netflix from Denmark or the other way you want to see DR or TV2 but are abroad.

It is one of the biggest players on Smart DNS market and supports a host of services and websites. The main rule is; to find it, it is supported by Unblock-Us. You can of course use it for that Netflix USA, HBO, Hulu, BBC, DR.dk, TV2 and many more.

A subscription to Unblock-US costs from $ 26, - ($ 4.16) Monthly Month by payment for one year at $ 315, - ($ 49.90) and one month available for $ .31, - ($ 4.99). There is a free trial of one week that can be used without entering credit card information.

Unblock-US does not require installing programs or apps, and can therefore be used on virtually all devices such as. PC, tablets, smartphones, Smart TV, Apple TV, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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How does Unblock-US work?

The brief explanation is that Unblock-US cheats the access restriction by redirecting some of your internet connection. That way, you look for the system to be located somewhere in the world that has access to the site or service you want to use, so it can be used without restrictions.

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Unblock-US uses Smart DNS to "cheat" the access restriction, providing unlimited access to a wealth of services; including American Netflix, BBC, Hulu, HBO and DR and TV2 (from abroad).

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is popularly said a kind of phonebook for the internet that uses IP addresses to identify online devices. The real online addresses are the IPs and domain names are really just nice and practical pseudonyms that make it easy to use the web without having to remember a long and illogical numbering that changes if the site eg. switching server.

If you write "www.tv2.dk" or any other domain name in the address field of its browser, a request is sent to the "phone book" to find out which IP address the website is located on, after which it is loaded from there . As a user, you never experience the process as it both goes very fast and is integrated into the vast majority of software, but it happens every single time you need to connect to an online resource via a domain name (eg. Netflix. Com).

Just like the zip code tells which area a physical address is located in, so there are also parts of the IP address that do the same. In this way, from an IP address, see where in the world an online device is located, and it is precisely from IP addresses that access restricted sites filter visitors.

Smart DNS works by automatically (here being smart) redirecting some of the traffic to selected websites and services so that it goes through proxy servers that are physically located in the right regions. This filters the site's filter and gives users full access.

Differences at Unblock-US and VPN

When using Unblock-Us, or others Smart DNS services, it is only a minor part of the Internet traffic that is redirected to bypass the region restriction. Therefore, there is neither delay nor loss, so you can download and stream at the maximum speed that your internet allows. That's one of the benefits of Smart DNS compared to VPNwhere the entire internet connection is routed through one VPNserver, which usually costs a portion of the speed, which can degrade the quality of streaming video.

Unblock-US does not require software / apps installation It can be used on virtually any device such as PC, tablets, smartphones, Smart TV, Apple TV, Playstation 4, Xbox One, etc. The setup consists of a small change in the network settings, which thanks to very detailed descriptions can be done by anyone. VPN requires installing a program or app and therefore can VPN not used directly on, for example, Smart TV, Apple TV, Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but it can Smart DNS without problems.

On the other hand, one must avoid the encryption that comes with it VPN and your private IP address that can be traced back to you through your ISP is still public. If you want a high level of security and privacy, it is one VPNservice you need to get hold of. Do you choose ExpressVPN you get both, as they include Smart DNS in the subscription.

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