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VPN-Byen is a Danish but very scarce VPNservice, which is even rather expensive. It is targeted at Danish users who want to be able to watch Danish TV from abroad and therefore can only be connected to servers in Denmark.

The information on the website is sparse, but security should be in order, as recognized encryption protocols can be used. However, the anonymity is close to zero, then VPN-Byen as a Danish company is legally obliged to register and store information about the users' use of the service.

VPN byen vpn-byen
VPN-Byen is a scraped VPNservice, such as. only has server locations in Denmark. On the other hand, it is one of the most expensive on the market.

It can easily be used for its purpose, but since the price is higher than for a premium VPNservice like ExpressVPN and over twice NordVPN, both of which are far more useful than VPN-Byen, one should seriously consider whether they or one of the many other good ones VPNservices are not better alternatives.







Servers and features



  • Servers in Denmark


  • Not anonymous
  • Only servers in Denmark
  • Can only be used on one device at a time
  • Animals relative to the product
  • P2P not allowed


It is not easy to figure out which encryption protocols, like VPN-Byen uses, because it is not directly described on the website. However, it can be debugged by looking during manual setup, and from this one can deduce that L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2 and Open can be usedVPN.

However, it does not appear which apps use what. Do you want to decide for yourself and eg. use the OpenVPN, which is recommended as it (probably) is the most secure, so you have to manually set VPN on his device.

So it should be possible - albeit a little hassle - to establish a secure connection with VPN-Byen.

Security: 10 / 10


There is absolutely nothing about data logging on VPN-byens website. Their cookie and personal data policy immediately describes how they relate to personal information related to the use of the website.

However, may well conclude how anonymous you are if you use it VPN-Byen, because as a Danish company that offers an “electronic communication service”, they are subject to Logging Order, where the first paragraph reads:

§ 1. Providers of electronic communications networks or services to end users shall register and store information about telecommunications traffic generated or processed in the provider's network, so that this information can be used as part of the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses.

VPN-Byen is therefore legally obliged to register and store information about users' use of the service, which can be used to trace their identity. Therefore, one should not apply VPN-Byen, if one wishes to remain anonymous.

I terms of use they also state that they reserve the right to monitor users if they want it:

§10 - Rights

2. VPN-Byen.dk A / S reserves the right to monitor a user's internet activity if there is a suspicion of abuse. The suspicion does not have to be substantiated.

Anonymity: 1 / 10

Servers and features

Only servers in Denmark

VPN-Byen is targeted at being able to watch Danish TV abroad, which can often be blocked if you do not have a Danish IP address. For the same reason, there are only servers in one location; namely in Denmark.

Of course, it fulfills the purpose of the service to the letter, but it also makes it very limited in relation to other uses. Even if you are just looking for one VPN- service just to be able to watch Danish TV from abroad, so is VPN-Byen not an obvious choice due to the price.

Compared to the competitors, who also offer server locations in Denmark, is VPN-Byen namely, a rather expensive service. It is actually in the same price range as ExpressVPNwhich is a premium VPNservice, which in addition to a sea of ​​server locations (including in Denmark) also provides one Smart DNS service included in the price, so that there is also free streaming on Smart TV, Apple TV, consoles etc., which otherwise cannot be used VPN.

Other slightly cheaper alternatives are, for example NordVPN og Unlocator. The latter is one Smart DNS service that is targeted to free streaming without geographical restrictions, but where VPN-Byen only works on Danish channels, then Unlocator works with TV and streaming services all over the world - including Netflix USA, English BBC and many many more.

P2P not allowed

It is in conditions for use specified that it is not allowed to use P2P /BitTorrent file sharing.

§5 - Not allowed consumption

  1. Torrent traffic is by no means allowed, neither legitimate data nor illegal.


VPN-byen can only be used on one device at a time. So you have to buy several subscriptions if you want to be able to stream on several devices at the same time. Most others VPNservices allow at the same time to be used on separate units.

Servers and Features: 1 / 10


A subscription to VPN-byen costs from DKK 50 per month if paid for one year at a time, which costs DKK 599,95. When paying for a single month at a time, the price is DKK 59,95.

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