Concepts such as session logging, 5, 9 and 14 eyes as well as PRISM often appear when discussing online privacy and state-of-the-art mass monitoring. Below you will find a series of brief statements on the concepts how they can affect you and how they are related VPN and their choice.

session logging vpn big brother 5 XNUMES eyes prism
Big Brother is watching - Also in Denmark

The summary of the following is that individuals everywhere on Earth are largely supervised by the state - also in Denmark. If you do not want to be monitored on the Internet, it is anonymous VPN service that does not store compromising user data, a good safeguard against this monitoring.

We are on of the ideological conviction that people have the right to a private life, and that the slogan that one only has something against surveillance, if one has something to hide, is pure nonsense. At the same time, it must be emphasized that that attitude does not mean that we in any way welcome that VPN used to hide criminal or immoral acts.

Session logging in Denmark

Most people regard Denmark as a free country with freedom of expression, where the state generally leaves the population at peace. However, there is a way from there to reality, where mass surveillance is practically carried out on a national scale in the form of so-called session logging.

Session logging means that telecommunications companies are required by law to store data about users' use of their services and, upon request, share them with the authorities. For use of the Internet, it is an IP address (which can be used to track the user), the time and the services / sites that have been used.

session logging denmark vpn mass surveillance
The government is working actively to reintroduce mass surveillance in Denmark in the form of session logging. Tap to view the image in large size, as is the case borrowed from

From 2007-2014, it was statutory for telecommunications companies and during that time, 3500 billion records of Danes' use of the Internet and mobile telephony were stored and stored.

In 2014, the statutory requirement for session logging of Internet traffic was repealed, but in spite of an EU ban on just that type of surveillance the government is working with Justice Minister Søren Pape in the process of implementing a new bill, which in turn will make session logging compulsory.

There are still statutory requirements for logging of mobile telephony, which detects who you have called or the SMS to when it has taken place and which mast you have been connected to. The data must be stored for a year.

The argument for session logging is that the data can be used by police etc. for the settlement of crimes, even though precisely the lack of the same property led to the repeal of the statutory requirement in 2014.

5, 9, and 14 eyes

5 eyes, 9 eyes og 14 eyes are the names of international alliances between various states which, to some extent, exercise mass surveillance on their nationals. The collaborators basically assume that the States involved have concluded agreements on the collection and sharing of intelligence about the citizens. As a result, alliances act as a global surveillance network that spies and stores data about citizens' use of the Internet.

5 eyes: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. The official term for 5 eyes is UKUSA Agreement.

9 eyes: 5 eyes plus Denmark, France, The Netherlands and Norway. Denmark's commitment with among others The United States was among so many other disturbing conditions revealed in Edward Snowdens leaks concern US mass surveillance.

14 eyes: 9 eyes plus Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany. The official term is SIGINT Seniors Europe.

This includes a number of other partners, such as Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and all British territories.

As a resident of Denmark, which is part of the 9 and 14 eyes alliances, it is therefore subject to the worldwide network of mass surveillance carried out across borders. What actually happens is out of reach of ordinary people, but there is no doubt that there is mass screening and registration.


prism nsa
PRISM is the code name of an American mass monitoring program

PRISM is the code name of an American surveillance program, which was revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013. The program was initiated in 2003 after allegedly to monitor only non-US citizens, but in Snowdens brook it was revealed that PRISM is also used to monitor US citizens.

PRISM is run by NSA (US intelligence service) and uses "backdoors" to monitor data traffic from giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. They all reject NSA's direct access to the companies' servers, but refuse to cooperate with the NSA.

How can VPN protect against mass monitoring?

As described, session logging assumes that IP addresses, time, and used service / site are recorded and stored. Here is the IP address that can be traced back to the user via the ISP. With a VPNconnection, however, the user's IP address is hidden by encryption and replaced with the address on VPNserver.

If you try to track the user, the track will therefore be "cold" when it comes to VPNserver. However, one must be aware that one VPNprovider who stores logs over the users' use of the service can hand them over to the authorities, which can subsequently trace the user.

It is therefore of great importance to choose one VPNprovider that does not log user data and if you want to be extra secure, one should also choose one VPNprovider who does not have headquarters in one of the above countries. Therefore:

  • Use one VPNconnection to secure your internet connection
  • Make sure yours VPNprovider does not store personal user data
  • Preferably select one VPNprovider in a non-participating country 14 eyes

Session logging is, as described, not in use on internet connections at the moment, but if the government is willing, it can quickly change. However, mobile phone connections are loose, so there is not much privacy left. VPNconnections have no influence on phone calls and text messages, but if you also want to be anonymous here, you can, for example, Clear their calls and text messages over Whatsapp (free independent text message and VoIP service) while connected to one VPN.

In conclusion, we would like to repeat that we are is of the opinion that people have the right to a private life, but that we in no way believe the above as a call to use VPN and the like for criminal or immoral acts.

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