The Norwegian series SKAM has taken Denmark by storm and soon lands the long-awaited season 4. Once upon a time we Danes could follow free, but it ended because of a dispute about rights. Visiting one SHame on is the message that NRK has no rights to display the program outside Norway.

Season 1-3 is on DR3, where they can be seen for free and season 4 will also be shown here, but with a few days' delay. If you are a Yousee customer, you can follow NRK3. If you want to see the new sections immediately and you are not a customer at Yousee, you will either have to go north or follow our guide.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Visit Unlocator and get a free trial subscription.
  2. Follow Unlocator's instructions to change DNS (it's easy)
  3. You can now be ashamed of

Unlocator can be tested free of charge for free on 7 days and requires only you to register with your email address. If you want to continue using Unlocator after the trial period, it costs $ 5 per. md. (Kr. 32).

The method is 100% legal, works on all types of devices (PC, smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, etc.) and is easy to use. As well as being able to join Season 4 from the start, it also allows you to see all the episodes of Season 1-3, which are already published and can be viewed right away.

no shame
"NRK does not have the right to display this program outside Norway." Thank you for that.

How does NRK block in order to see SKAM from Denmark?

All devices connected to the Internet such as computers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, etc. has an IP address that is used to identify devices that "talk together". Just as you can see from an ordinary address where in the world it's located, you can also see from an IP address where in the world the device is located.

When you visit to see SKAM, their system can see which IP address you have and thus it can also see where in the world you are. Then it's so simple that if the system can see that you are in Norway, you can stream NRK programs, but if you are not in Norway, you will see the message above.

How to "cheat" NRK's ​​system Smart DNS

Fortunately, it's easy to "cheat" the NRK system so it thinks you're in Norway. It can be done in several ways, but the easiest way is to use a technique called Smart DNS.

Smart DNS works briefly by redirecting the internet connection to selected sites through a proxy server, thereby eliminating any blockage. In the current case where one would like to be able to stream from, the internet connection is sent through a proxy with a Norwegian IP address, so that for NRK's ​​system it looks as if you are in Norway and therefore can freely stream all the programs on the page - including SHAM!

Only certain parts of the Internet connection are redirected, so it will not be slow and no sensitive information will be provided.

It is 100% legal to use Smart DNS to access the programs on! The fact that they do not have the right to show various programs outside Norway is, to say the least, no other's headache.

How do you use Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is easy to use and needs to be configured only once; then it works until it is removed again. The setup works for a single change in the network settings, so there is no need to install apps or the like. Besides the access to a number of otherwise blocked streaming services - including - there is no difference how your smartphone, tablet, PC or your Smart TV works.

Smart DNS is a payment service that typically costs about $ 20 a month ($ 35). There is a lot Smart DNS providers in the market, however Unlocator is one of the few that gives access to, and at the same time can be tested for free.

See SHAM on NRK with Unlocator

Unlocator is a Danish Smart DNS service that provides access to 219 sites and streaming services that block users based on geographic location. Besides you can, for example. also access the many quality programs on the BBC. It can also be used if you are abroad and would like to see DR, HBO Nordic, ViaPlay and other Danish streaming services, which otherwise would be blocked.

Unlocator is a payment service that costs $ 5 (Kr. 32) per. md. or $ 50 for a year (315) for a subscription that can be used on an unlimited number of devices. There is a free trial of 7 days that you can use without obligation without having to pay any kind of payment information.. The only Unlocator asks is an email and after the trial period one can freely determine if that is something that you want to pay for.

unlocator free nok shame
Unlocator costs $ 5 per month (32), but can be tested free for 7 days.

Unlocator setup

First you will Go to Unlocator's website and start your free trial. The trial period of 7 days starts immediately.

The setup of Unlocator then consists of two steps, both of which must be performed to work:

Registering your device's IP address at Unlocator

Your device's IP address must be registered with Unlocator so their system can see you have a subscription. Registration is done by logging in to your user on Unlocator's website.

ip registration unlocator
Your device's IP address must be registered with Unlocator.

The procedure must be done once per IP address, so once you have registered the IP address of a network, it applies to all devices on it. Therefore, typically only once in the home, if everyone connects to the network over the same WiFi or LAN. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. must register again if they use mobile internet, public WiFi or the like.

Setting up DNS on your device (PC, smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, Smart TV, etc.).
unlocator device setup nrk shame
Unlocator has simple and comprehensive guides for setting DNS on ALL types of devices. Including of course Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and many more. Click on the image to view it in large size (opens in a new window).

In addition to registering in Unlocator's system, the device must also be configured to use Unlocator DNS servers. It takes place on the device and the details therefore depend on which device is used.

Here Unlocator glows by having detailed guides to all the devices you can dream of (and a little more). There are therefore guides for Windows, OS X (Macbook and iMac), Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Apple TV, Chromecast, Playstation, Xbox, Smart TV, Windows Phone, Routers, etc. Common to all guides is that they are hugely easy to follow for ALL!

For example, An Apple computer (Macbook or iMac) does one of the following:

  1. Under Systemindstillinger: Touch the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select System Settings (System preferences English).
  2. Sign up Network: Click the network icon (Network. English). One can possibly. type "network" (or "network") in the search box to get the icon highlighted.
  3. Select the current connection, for example. Wi-Fi, and press Advanced: The button is located at the bottom right when inside the network window (Advanced English).
  4. Vælg DNS in the menu bar at the top of the window: The button is number three from the left.
  5. Add the DNS servers from Unlocator: The IP addresses on the DNS servers are listed below Setup Guides on Unlocator's website. Click + one under the column "DNS servers" (the left) to add a DNS server.
  6. Press OK and then Apply (Apply) to take the new settings in use. It may also be necessary to restart your computer.
  7. Go into and enjoy the show.
shame nrk no
Voilá: Thanks to Unlocator you can now see SKAM on!

Visit Unlocator

Can't just use it Hola?

Hola is a VPN-like service that does not itself provide servers, but where users use each other as connection points. As Hola Both are free and easy to use, it has a lot of users, but there are several good reasons to stay away Hola.

First, it is Hola often quite slow, which makes it unsuitable for streaming. Especially if you want to see things in HD or UHD (4K) that require quite high speed. This is due to the simple reason that you stream via another Hola-user's internet connection, which often results in a loss in speed, which ultimately means poor picture quality.

Secondly, will Hola typically also dull your own download speed as you like Holauser makes your computer and its internet connection available to others. They will therefore spend a portion of your bandwidth, which can make your connection very slow.

Third, is Hola very uncertain to have on your computer. As a participant in the network, your connection can be used for anything; including criminal acts that can then be traced back to you via. your IP address. In addition, you provide at installation Hola allowed to via Luminati service at sell access to both your computer and its internet connection, which can potentially be used for anything.

Of course, it should be clear to you whether you want to use anyway Hola - Free stuff is lovely - but now you are warned!

Whether you choose Unlocator or Hola We wish you good luck with SKAM!

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