The vast majority of all VPN Providers offer customers good and easy-to-use apps and / or programs for managing and managing VPN compound. For most users, therefore, it is obvious to use this solution rather than looking for alternatives.

VPN The providers' own apps / programs are tailor-made for their service and will therefore usually be both the best and least easiest way to manage VPN compound. They can also have a number of useful features built-in that otherwise cannot be used.

It can e.g. be a speed test that scans them available VPN servers for response time (ping / latency) and download speed, respectively, to find the best / fastest for the user's physical location. It can also be one killswitchthat only connects to the Internet if there is a connection to one VPN server. This prevents leakage of unencrypted data if there are any outcomes for any reason VPN compound.

Therefore, based on the above, it is clearly recommended to use the programs and / or apps like yours VPN provider offers. They make the best use of VPN service and guaranteeing optimum user-friendliness.

If you still insist on not wanting to use VPN offered own software (or if you have chosen a rare provider that does not offer software), you can use the VPN Clients built into all of the popular operating systems and some routers. They will not have the same extra features as VPN the services of the services, but in return provide connection to VPN without having to install additional apps or programs, which is a bit more streamlined.

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